Saturday, April 14, 2012

Blogger Guiltville

My, what a break I have taken?! I have taken a long trip to blogger Guiltville. Blogger Guiltville is the place where bloggers with great intentions go when their lives are too busy, and they start to feel guilt for not tending to their blog. Then, because of the guilt, they avoid sitting down in front of the computer to write. Instead, they procrastinate. Blogger Guiltville was like quicksand to me, and I just found a way to emerge. My shopping habits have changed, but my urge to write my opinions hasn't. I plan on easing back into writing, even if I am the only person reading the entries.

Whew, but I will come back later, I have to find out how to get to a three-year old's birthday party.


The Normans said...

Welcome back! I still read you, and miss you! Hope the fam is doing great.

T said...

Thanks! The fam is doing really well. We haven't touched base in ages. How are you? I gotta visit on FB.