Monday, March 14, 2011

A Tube of Disappointment

If it sounds perfect, then *insert cliche here.* Yup, pretty much. It it sounds perfect, then expect to be disappointed because perfection, it is not. And so I present to you, Rimmel's Glam' Eyes Day 2 Night mascara (Volume and Length).

Several months ago, Rimmel released this mascara that claims to give you the option of length or volume, all in one tube. AH! PERFECT! One tube of mascara that offers two different looks?! That is crazy-talk. I immediately jumped on board. Unfortunately, I experienced lackluster results with this mascara, and I gave myself time fall in love with it, but my heart and lashes were cold.

Yes, the mascara provided length if you looked really close with a 100x magnifying glass. Sure, it also provided volume, but it also brought on clumps, which the packaging claims it doesn't do. Before I get into the details of the mascara, let me get into the gimmick behind this tube of mascara.

The tube contains one formula and one brush. However, there are two different wand handles. The handle for "length" (pink) is really the core brush. The wand isn't sturdy, and the handle is small, and it is difficult to get a good grip on it. The distinction between this and the "volume" brush is that the "length" brush goes through two stoppers to take off the excess mascara. Viola, there is your length. The first stopper is the regular stopper in the tube, and the second stopper is the hollow wand that is attached to the "volume" wand (I took pictures because it is difficult to describe).

The "volume" wand (the black handle) is just the "length" wand inside the "volume" wand, which means that the brush one goes through one stopper. Well, guess what. The stopper does a really crap job at removing the excess mascara. Here is the other catch, the formula is very thick. So, in order to use the "volume" wand, I have to remove the excess mascara with a tissue, which is what I call high maintenance.

I used this mascara for one month, and I just got more frustrated with it. I finally quit using it, and I have found a mascara that I really like, which happens to also be Rimmel (Max Volume Flash mascara. Great stuff. Review will come soon.). I got really frustrated with this mascara because neither of the claims worked. The "length" option really didn't come true. When I applied the mascara for length, it looked like I just swiped one coat of a regular, cheap mascara. I would have to swipe one a lot of coats to get noticeable length.

And Volume, I don't even want to talk about it. It was just clumpy, and the whole brush coming out with a ton of mascara was a turn off.

Let me be eloquent in describing this mascara: boo hiss. Save your money, and don't buy this mascara. Your wallet will be very happy.

0 out of 1 Happy Wallets
Price: $7 to $8
Where: Drugstores, Walmart, Target

See the two handles. the pink one is "length," and the black one is "volume."

Regular spiral brush. Kind of reminds me of the drab Great Lash brush.

See, the "length" wand is the core wand, and the "volume" wand is hollow and serves as a stopper for the length.

And the "volume" brush. Blah, blah, blah


Fabuless Beauty said...

You know, I've never been a fan of Rimmel mascaras.

Vixxan said...

Very nice reveiw!!! I have not had any luck with Rimmel mascaras.

T said...

I have had luck with Sexy Curve and Flash Max volume, or something like that (I can't remember the name, it's in the pink tube).

Do you have any recommendations, Fabuless and Vixxan?
Thanks for stopping by.

NotCathy said...

I am using a different brand of mascara, I havent use this brand but looking forward to use it.... I like mascara because it really enhance my eyes.. Thanks for sharing...:)