Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's about so much more than smokey eyes

I think sometimes people hear conversations about makeup, and they just dismiss it. I see the eye rolls, and then hear the sighs of "oh goodness, here she goes again..." (not from my family, though. I am so fortunate to have such a supportive group of family). There are remarks like, "Well, it's just makeup." And these attitudes had me wondering why exactly I am so in love with this medium. For a time being, I was hard on myself. I was kind of ashamed to admit that I was so in love with makeup. I was scared people would think I was shallow because I would get excited to see a new quad, or fawn over a spectacular red lipstick. Oh, the possibilities.

Then, last night, I went to an event where I got to practice my makeup application skills. It was fun, and I delighted in talking with the models. One particular model just stole my heart. He is a charismatic, vibrant, fearless person. He wanted dramatic, smokey eyes. I said, "Whatever you want, hun." He sat down, and a page from Kevyn Aucoin's "Making Faces" immediately came to me. In this book, Mr. Aucoin did a steamy and edgy smokey eye on two men. It looked absolutely rockin' and bad ass.

While, I was packing my eyeshadow brush with black shadow to apply to Mr. Charisma, a passerby asked him, "What?! You getting your makeup done?" Mr. Charisma, said, "Yup!" Plain and Simple. Plain and Simple. He looked at me, and said, "I just think it is so much fun." I immediately responded, "I hear ya, and you don't have to explain shit to anyone." Not professional, but appropriate for the moment. This brings me to my reawakening to loving makeup: "It is just so much fun."

Makeup is another form of expression, another form of art. Makeup can emphasize our feelings, our opinions, our outlooks. It can hide what we want to maintain private, it can set us apart. It can give confidence. This is what I love about makeup. I love that Mr. Charisma indirectly reminded me of this. I love that he had the confidence to wear and enjoy it. I love that he walked out of the chair with his head held up high.

He also reminded me of something else: makeup should be considered universal. It is not exclusively for women. Any person should feel free to put it on. I know, the movement of acceptance is here. I love that is is growing, and it needs to continue to grow. No one should have to justify how he or she expresses him or herself. Sure, sometimes it might be difficult to understand, but these are learning moments, and we should always approach it with open minds.

So, Mr. Charisma, you rock. Kudos to you for doing what you feel, and feeling what you do. Don't lose that fire. You have inspired me to ignite mine again.


MissTat said...

i LOVE this. Would you mind if I shared it?

T said...

not at all, MissTat. Share the love. :)

Pop! Makeup said...

Thanks for sharing this :-)

Fabuless Beauty said...

Thanks for sharing this! Are you going to post up pics of your work? And I wholeheartedly agree that makeup is a form of expression.

T said...

Hi Fabuless! Unfortunately, I forgot my camera. WHAT?! I know. I am really bad at documenting events in my life. It is a major effort to get pictures for this blog. However, I learned my lesson. I must always carry my camera.

You're welcome, Pop!