Monday, November 29, 2010

Products I am still using!

I have reviewed a ton of products. I have bought countless others. I am tired, and my wallet pleaded for a break. So, as you know, a while back, I decided to truly look at my stash and become loyal to what works. By doing so, I have been able to save money and space.

Just to keep me on task, I want to document what I have been loyal to.

1) Duh! Garnier Nutritioniste: Skin Renew Anti-Sun-Damage Daily Moisture Lotion SPF 28, (hydrates without feeling oily, helps fade spots over time. I have bought this twice. Once I am done with a random moisturizer left to be used up, I will buy my third bottle.) See review here.

2) Kirkland Signature Face wipes, Cleans face nicely, doesn't irritate, great price. One downfall, only sold at Costco. Boo hiss. see review here.

3) Urban Decay Primer Potion, Yeah, the container sucks, but seriously, what can I say. This works the longest on my lids. Close second and third: mark. Keep it Going longwear shadow duo in "exposure" (light side), and NYX jumbo eye sticks (very thin coating) respectively.

4) Curel Lotion, Pretty much have this all over the house. Place in little travel size bottles for purse. My hands don't feel the same without this. See review here.

5) Clean and Clear blackhead remover, I think this has been discontinued and replaced by something else, maybe the morning burst or something. Anyway, I enjoy this exfoliator. I bought refills several times. I just ran out, and I am trying the washcloth-as-exfoliator thing (read it in a skincare book) before I buy this product again. However, I haven't hesitated to repurchase this at all. see review here.

6) ecoTools makeup back collection by Alicia Silverstone, I received this to review a while back, and I am still using it. In fact, I never stopped using it. Held up when we went to Finland, NYC, NC, etc. Great bags. See review here.

7) Garnier Anti-Humidity hairspray with bamboo, still on the first can because I don't use it every day, but I love this hairspray. Smells good, flexible hold, and does deter many frizzies. See review here (*moan* miss my hair. Letting it grow out again).

8) mark. face xpert in natural, provides the coverage I need right now. Stays on pretty much all day for me, and is easy to take off. see review here

9) Rimmel Sexy Curves in regular and waterproof, I really like this mascara. When I am not wearing this one, I wear mark. scandalash. However, I have rebought Rimmel the most out of all my mascara purchases. See Rimmel review here

10) Aussie DEEEEP conditioner, I have been using this conditioner since college, more than six years ago. I never stray, never get tired. Now to find an awesome shampoo.

11) Maybelline Define-a-brow in dark and medium, I first bought the dark shade, then I realized it was too dark. Then I bought the medium, it works well, but I prefer the dark shade. So, I just blend, blend, blend. Either way, this pencil doesn't budge, is easy to maneuver, and I just like it a lot. I have bought several times (more of the dark than the medium shade.)

12) Avon Anew Reversalist Illuminating eye system, I saw Yamin Lebon in the commercial, and I was like "What?! Yasmin, you look crazy awesome. What cream?! What?! Lighten dark circles?! What?!" and I bought it. I went a while without using it, and I noticed a difference. I tried to finish another eye cream I had, and I just didn't like it. I went back to this cream. I am not going to say my dark circles are eliminated, but I will say I don't have to use much concealer, and I feel better going out without eye makeup. Plus, it hydrates my eyes very comfortably.

I must say it feels good to buy the same products. I feel less capricious, and my wallet is happy again.


GlossQueen said...

Great post! I love reading about the products that people buy over and over again. I want to try the Garnier moisturiser now.

You've done so well at using up all your products, a lot better than I have!

T said...

Thanks, GQ! I love to read those posts too, so that inspired me. I also like to look back and keep tabs on what I have used before.

Are you kidding me? I see your updates. You are doing fantastic with your use up project.