Monday, November 29, 2010

"Nevermind your makeup, look at your awesome brush roll!"

Over the years I have collected all of the brushes I will ever need for makeup application. So, now that the brushes are divided into "mine" and "theirs," I decided to search for a way to store them. At first, I threw them into a makeup bag and called it a day, but then I noticed that my face brushes were getting a little distorted, and the eye shadow brushes were losing shape. I had had a brush roll before, but it was for paint brushes, and it really wasn't gentle enough for my makeup brushes. Plus, I took an art class, and I needed the roll for my actual paint brushes.

One night while I was surfing the wonderful and exhilarating world of, I came across a shop named "asoftblackstar." I immediately fell in love with the makeup bags and the brush rolls the artist created. After some back and forth about which pattern I liked, I bought a black, pink, and white damask large brush roll. (She sells different patterned fabric and different sizes.)

The best part was that I didn't have to wait long to receive the brush roll. Lotus, the shop owner, sent this item really quickly; I got the package in less than a week from Missouri. In addition, she wrote a personalized note, which I thought was a great extra touch (I am a sucker for detailed customer service). When I opened the package, I gasped. This brush roll is so absolutely pretty. The pattern is gorgeous and girly with edge. The quality is excellent and sturdy.

I quickly put my brushes in the roll, and everything fit well. My face brushes have some space to move in the larger pockets (number of pockets), which means I can just let them chill, or I could put some smaller brushes in there too. I just let them chill. Then, as the pockets continue, they get smaller and smaller. As far as the medium brush pockets, I can fit in three regular eyeshadow brushes. The pockets near the end can fit single eyeshadow brushes.

The brushes do not get caught in the fabric, and the hairs are not smushed after folding the top end and rolling it up. I have not washed the roll so I don't know how it hold a up, but on her etsy page, Lotus does say that the roll is machine washable, and she give instructions (cold water, mild detergent).

I have carried this brush roll around, and the brushes haven't escaped. The brush form is preserved, and is really pretty to show off.

So if you are looking for a brush roll, or if you have a makeup brush lover in your life who you would like to treat, definitely check out the asoftblackstar shop. I am totally in love with this purchase.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Happy wallets, What better than buying handmade? In addition, great quality, great customer service, and just beautiful product.

Price: for the large brush roll, $18.99, plus $2.00 shipping

Where: asoftblackstar (etsy shop)


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