Monday, November 22, 2010

Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure cleanser

Remember when I raved about the Garnier moisturizer here? Well, I love that moisturizer so much that I decided to try other Garnier face products. I figured that if the moisturizer was so good and effective that I would have luck with another Garnier product. Not True.

After I finished my Clean and Clear blackhead eraser pads, I decided to try another exfoliating cleanser just to see what there is (I still love the blackhead eraser pads.). So, I decided to try the Garnier Nutritioniste Nutri-Pure Daily Exfoliating Gel Cleanser. The cleanser claims to be gentle enough for every day use, oil free, purifies clogged pores, and minimizes appearance of pores. Oh and it offers smooth skin. I really don't care if it minimizes my pores. I know there are there. The pores will always be there. They will not change. The do not get smaller. I have learned to love them. However, I love to have smooth skin. The foundation glides on better; I don't have to use as much makeup, and well, it just feels better. So my main goals are to help prevent acne (going through some adult outbreaks), maintain smooth skin, and help exfoliate dead skin to accelerate scar fading.

When i first started using this exfoliating cleanser several months ago, I fell in love with it. The grit was gentle; the cleanser smells delightful; my face felt smooth, and it left a lovely tingly sensation after I rinsed my face. So, I was like, "ooohhhh, I cannot wait to review this!" Well, I am glad I waited because I start to break out. A LOT. And the blemishes weren't small. They were whoppers, in areas where I hadn't had blemishes before. Since I got pimples where I hadn't before, I decided to hold back on the amount of times I was using this cleanser (I was using it every night). The pimples remained. Then, I decided to eliminate the exfoliator, and eventually my blemishes stopped coming. Since I have stopped using the cleanser, I have noticed that my outbreaks have diminished in the places where I never get them. I am still getting the hormonal ones (they always come in the same spot.). So, I figured this was the culprit. I am not a super skincare sleuth, but I know my skin. So, I have deduced that this might have been what was causing the outbreaks.

So, of course, I didn't want to throw away the product, so I decided to use it on my arms, legs, and back. Guess what, I started to get bumps on my thighs, upper arm (I don't get bumpy there), and lower back (where i could reach). So, I stopped using this cleanser, and my thighs and arms have cleared up. I guess I will just use this cleanser on my feet and hands until I use it all up.

Needless, to say this cleanser did not work on my oily, acne-prone skin. It's a shame because the cleanser feels great and it isn't drying at all.

Oh well. Before I go back to the Clean and Clear, I am going to just use a washcloth and some simple face cleanser to clean the face. By the way, I had some generic Neutrogena face wash from Target, and that has really helped to fight the pimples.

Oh, and I just finished my second bottle of the Garnier moisturizer that I love. I will be moving on to the third bottle. It is great to find something that works.

1 out of 5 happy wallets (Would be great if it didn't break me out.)
Price: around $6
Where: Walmart, Target, drugstores

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