Monday, October 25, 2010

Intense like a romance novel (caution: female and male parts mentioned)

As you can see, I like to write. I like to read about writing, and I have even taken some classes on writing. I even considered writing romance novels because one time during one of my writing classes we were given an assignment to expand upon a scenario. My version took on a mysterious, sexy tone. I did not intend it to go that way, but I went with it. The classmates were asking for a cold drink after reading the writing, and my ego got inflated.

So, then out of curiosity I decided to do a little research on romance novels. I went to the library and checked out some books. If I could get through them, I might consider checking out the how-to-write-a-rattle-your-readers'-libidos books. I was enthusiastic. I was cocky, I figured it wouldn't be difficult to create coy dialog, and sly--but intensely--explain exactly what his throbbing member would do to her enveloping...well you get the picture. Or maybe you don't because as it turns out, I just couldn't get into even reading the novels. Half the time, I was losing my patience with the damsel in distress (Just friggin' use the plunger. You can do that little plumbing job!); or I would lose interest as soon as the writer described the object of desire as having long hair and tight jeans. I prefer bald men who wear dark wash, relaxed fit, straight leg jeans, thank you very much. Plus, I am a realist. I look at relationships and think, "Where is this going? Sure, these emotions are intense, but are they real? No? Well, time to move on."
Honestly, it's a miracle I met the Scholar and I got married, because I am the type of person who really didn't see myself with a partner. Actually, just several days before meeting my now husband, I had announced that I really didn't have a need for a man. I just wasn't a good dater. I don't like small talk and I get bored easily. Plus, when I get nervous, I get gassy. So half of the time during the date I would be praying a fart didn't escape. (Oh, there is a funny story somewhere in there.)

Anyway, I realized that I don't have the creative chops to get lost enough in fantasy to create a long enough story. I second doubt why a character would do one thing, or settle for the other. Plus, finding all those words to describe penis and vagina is just tiresome.

So, to you romance writers, Kudos! You are able to abandon yourselves. You allow yourself to be transported to somewhere else where intensity is encouraged, and you make sense of it all. Plus, you are able to give many people an escape into a fantasy land. Oh, and you know how to describe penises and vaginas without saying the actual words. That is a masterful use of the language.

Okay, what does this have to do with makeup. Nothing really, except for the fact that the women in these novels wear makeup and being that everything is in it's place, their makeup doesn't run, so they are probably wearing the eyeliner I am about to review (Whew, that was an awesome segue, and a stretch of a connection.). Also, the INTENSITY, baby!

While Pink Traincase was around (I miss her!), she introduced us to Prestige Total Intensity Long Lasting Intense Color eyeliner. She raved about its longevity, intensity, and stayputtedness (You like the word? I made it up. Maybe word contributor is in my future.). I was intrigued, and I ran out to get it.

After buying it, it sat in my draw for a while because I got tired of wearing black eyeliner. I am back on the black eyeliner bandwagon, and this eyeliner is pretty damn awesome.
The color--I got blackest black--is truly very pigmented. The formula is soft and seriously just glides on the skin like a gel-liner. If you act quickly, you can do a smudge look, but you must act quickly because this liner set rapidly. Once set, the liner stays 99% put on your eye; there can be a very minor amount of creeping. The liner isn't difficult to sharpen. I haven't had one frustrating moment of the pencil breaking while I am sharpening it, and I have been able to get a sharp point to it. Also, this liner isn't difficult to take off. It does get a little messy since it is high on pigment, but it isn't ridiculous like the Wet n' Wild gel liner (that stuff is like spackle!).

I have been able to do a cat eye look with this liner without the line being too thick, which is awesome for a pencil. Really, this pencil is like a cream liner is pencil form. As far as the staying power on the waterline, it is pretty good. I don't wear liner on the waterline every day or all day, so it is difficult for me to give a thorough review on that. Would I buy this again? Yes! If I were a protagonist in a romance novel would I wear this before spending the night over at my lover's house and not worry about raccoon eyes? Kind of. The line will be intact, but a tiny bit of color might creep down. Just a smidgen though, barely noticeable.

So, that's that. I will stick to journal writing and wear this pencil routinely. Has anyone else tried this liner? Your impressions? Do you like romance novels? Maybe I am reading the wrong ones.

More reviews to come.

4.8 out of 5 happy wallets--great liner, a little creeping of pigment, but overall does what it says.

Price: around $6
Where: Rite-Aid, Ulta (not all drugstores carry this one)

Size in comparison to Rimmel Sexy Curve. The pencil is a little longer than the mascara tube without the brush cap included.

a nice matte black line

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