Friday, September 24, 2010

It's like the Makeup Angels spit on my face (MUFE Mist and Fix)

LOL, that title just grosses me out and cracks me up at the same time. I am 30 going on 14.

A very long time ago, I cruised into Sephora with a gift card to use up. There wasn't much on it, and I didn't want to spend too much either. So, I looked around at the little travel size section the store has, and I found the travel size bottle of Make Up For Ever (MUFE) Mist and Fix. I got it not really knowing what it was, but I was curious to find out. Then, after buying the bottle, it just sat on my dresser for about two months because I didn't know how to approach this little bottle of mist. I had used misting sprays before to set my makeup, but I had not really been truly, long-term impressed with any of them. I decided to become a major sleuth and I went on to learn what this Mist and Fix truly did. According to Sephora, this spray "sets makeup and prolongs hold, even in extreme conditions."

One day, I decided to finally open up the bottle and spritz the substance on my face. (Note to those who have not used this travel-sized version: the sprayer is aggressive. Instead of feeling a mist of setting liquid, I encountered several large drops on my face. So, I had to do some soft patting with my MAC 187 to disperse the mist. After my first try, I decided to go ahead and spray down my MAC 187 and pat that all over my face to set my makeup. Then, after several tries, I decided to spray the mist in the air and walk my face into the mist, which really was my favorite way to set my makeup.) After I sprayed the Mist and Fix on, I thought, "Meh, I am not so sure this is as awesome as I might think it could be." However, as the day progressed, I noticed that my face developed a really pretty glow, not oily at all, and my makeup was intact. Did I mention I started using this product during the summer?

So, after the first day, I continued to use it, and then I created a habit of using it every day (the bottle lasted for about 2.5 months). I have really grown to appreciate this product. Mist and Fix feels very soft and light on the face. It doesn't feel like I am wearing a setting mist on my face; it doesn't feel like hairspray. Mist and Fix feels like a refreshing toner that happens to work double duty in keeping my makeup intact for more than eight hours. After several weeks of constant use, I asked myself if I would be willing to buy the full-sized bottle at $27. After considering my oily skin, my constant battle at keeping my makeup intact, my all-over schedule, and my hormones making me sweat more profusely, I came to the decision that I could invest in this product. It really is a great product, and I just use two spritzes a day, so the full-size bottle would last a while for me.

Now, the reason I can't tell you how long the full-sized bottle would last is because I haven't bought it yet. The last time I walked into Sephora, to look for it because I used up my travel-sized bottle, they were out of it. So, in the meantime, I got a sample of the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray, just to see how it compared. The sales associate gave me a generous sample of the All Nighter. So, I lived with the product for some time. Let me tell you, I prefer MUFE's Mist and Fix. The All Nighter feels a littler dryer on my face, and it caused me to break out on my chin. The All Nighter did really work at setting, but MUFE was a little gentler on my face. Plus the Mist and Fix is less expensive than the All Nighter and it has a little more.

Oh, but I just remembered, there is the Model in a Bottle setting mist too. So, I might try that out the Model in a Bottle before I settle on the Mist and Fix, but I don't feel inclined to buy the UDPP All Nighter.

Does anyone else like to use these setting mists? Has anyone encountered the Model in a Bottle setting mist?

5 out of 5 happy wallets. I mean, my wallet isn't too happy about the price of a full-size bottle (4.22 oz) at $27, but I haven't found anything that compared at a lower price level. Plus, my face feels nice, and I don't have to use blotting papers or worry about transfer. Now, the travel size bottle (.84 oz) costs $8, which is budget friendly, and it can last for several months depending on usage. The travel size is a great opportunity to try it.

Price: $8 (travel), $27 (full size)
Place: Sephora,

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Renata said...

I have Model in a Bottle and I like it a lot, but it's the only one I've tried and I'm curious to knou how it compares to Mist & Fix.

I don't know if it's still valid but if you shop online try the coupon code "FF20" to get 20% off. :)

And I heard Kryolan makes a great fixing spray. Have you tried it yet?

Renata said...
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T said...

Hi Renata,
I haven't tried the Kryolan one, I forget about the professional lines. Where could I find the Kryolan?

What do you like about the Model in a Bottle? What skin type do you have. I have combo/oily skin.

Thanks for the code. I will check to see if it works.

Renata said...

Hi T,

I'm not sure where you can find Kryolan. Are you in US? I'm in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and I know many online stores carry the brand, but don't ship to Brazil. But I'm sure many stores there do.

I like model in a bottle specially to fix powder to my brows (!!!) Yes, I prefer powders to pencils, they look better and more natural. But they don't fix as well as pencils, so I do my eyebrows with powder and then I put some model in a bottle on my fingers and dab over the brows. They stay in place. :)

On my face (combo, more to the dry side), when I use model in a bottle, I spray it on a duo fiber and aply lightly (and fast!)

Recently I've found the best results to fix my foundation with Illamasqua Satin Primer applied over my foundation, buffed with a dense bronzer brush or very soft and dense kabuki. Just the perfect finish and it lasts longer than Model in a Bottle.

T said...

Hi Renata,

Thanks for the tips and info. I can find Kryolan online. I will search around.