Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quick note: must proclaim (revisit California Mango)

It's getting late, and I must turn in soon, but I must proclaim that I am STILL very much in LOVE with the California Mango Mend cuticle balm. I have been religiously applying this balm to my feet every night before bed, and I must say that my feet are super, super soft. In addition, my cuticles on my feet and hands are looking great. I am even applying the balm on my elbows for good measure.

So, I plan on doing a "revisit" entry talking about if I am still using some of the items I have reviewed, and this is just a quick glimpse. (Leave a request for an update on any of the products I have reviewed.).

I had originally given this item a 3.5 rating, but after using it for a longer time, I have got to increase the rating to a 4.5. The item is still greasy, and the fragrance is heavy, but the effects are spectacular. I had mildly dry feet, and I haven't had to file them AT ALL! This balm has totally soften the heels. This is a definite, definite repurchase.


Ms. Givens said...

I have never used cuticle balm. Probably should though.

T said...

Ms. Givens, it works wonders. I can totally see a difference when I don't use it.