Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quick note: must proclaim (revisit California Mango)

It's getting late, and I must turn in soon, but I must proclaim that I am STILL very much in LOVE with the California Mango Mend cuticle balm. I have been religiously applying this balm to my feet every night before bed, and I must say that my feet are super, super soft. In addition, my cuticles on my feet and hands are looking great. I am even applying the balm on my elbows for good measure.

So, I plan on doing a "revisit" entry talking about if I am still using some of the items I have reviewed, and this is just a quick glimpse. (Leave a request for an update on any of the products I have reviewed.).

I had originally given this item a 3.5 rating, but after using it for a longer time, I have got to increase the rating to a 4.5. The item is still greasy, and the fragrance is heavy, but the effects are spectacular. I had mildly dry feet, and I haven't had to file them AT ALL! This balm has totally soften the heels. This is a definite, definite repurchase.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"The wipes are right next to the 550 gallons of olive oil."

I like to buy bulk toilet paper. In fact, it annoys me when I have to make emergency runs to buy little packages of toilet paper. I don't know why, but I must have five bajillion rolls of toilet paper close by at all times. I keep the multiple rolls in the laundry room, and periodically migrate six or more rolls into the bathroom so that I don't have to yell out for help, or have to shake and go (Because seriously, shake and go doesn't work for ANYONE!).

I think my toilet paper hang up stems from when I was a child. One of Queen Fierce's pet peeves was to go to the bathroom, get down to business and then reach for the toilet paper and only find the empty roll. We were trained to always have replacements ready. Anyway, when I got older, my mom got a membership to Price Club, or now known as Costco (For those who are not familiar, this is a warehouse store that sells goods in bulk. For instance, if you are in need of a 50 gallon tub of mustard and 600 pounds of dog food, or in my case a 550 sheets of toilet paper, you can find it here. You must pay a membership fee, but the deals are pretty good if you buy in bulk. They have good deals on other things that aren't horrifically big.). For the most part, I found the trips boring, except for when we got to the paper goods aisle. Oh to see the mountain of toilet paper just waiting to be used. I always had the honor of picking the whopping package of toilet paper.

Now that I am older and have my own membership, I have discovered that this bulk warehouse offers more than just awesome amount of toilet paper. It also offers thousands of sheets of baby wipes, vats of olive oil, and most importantly, a most excellent makeup wipe!

Yes, Costco has its own brand (Kirkland Signature) of makeup remover wipes: the Daily Facial Cleasing Towelettes! I must admit, I did not make this discovery on my own; I learned about it on Xsparkage's page on YouTube a year ago. She gave it a raving review, and I decided to pick up a box on my next trip to Costco. Now, I must say that I took a risk because if they didn't work for me then I was gonna be stuck with 150 wipes; however, there is happy news! The risk paid off because I have grown very loyal to these wipes.

So here is the nitty gritty. One hundred fifty wipes are divided into four 30-count soft packs with a hard plastic lid and two 15-count soft packs meant for travel without the hard plastic lid. The wipes are 6x8 inches. One side of the wipe has a criss-cross texture, while the other side is soft. The wipes have a very, very subtle fresh scent to them, and they are suitably saturated for a full face makeup removal. In addition, the wipes claim to work on all skin types. I have normal to oily skin that is breakout prone, and this wipe has not caused one pimple. In fact my face misses it when I do not use this wipe.

The wipes are alcohol and oil-free, and they have chamomile, triple tea complex (whatever that means), and vitamin E. The wipes cost around $11 to $12. This is a steal considering I was paying $6-$7 for 25 to 30 wipes before.

This wipe has managed to remove my layers of Revlon Colorstay spackle, my caps of concealer, and my coats of mascara (the mascara leaves a little residue, but it does a lot of the ground work before washing my face). After using the wipe, my skin doesn't feel tight, dry, nor oily (the other extreme). In fact, if I am wearing light makeup and am too lazy to do the entire face wash routine, I will just use this wipe and go to sleep, and I don't regret it the next morning. However, usually, I will follow the wipe with a face wash, toner, and moisturizer. This box of wipes lasts me about six months. Oh My Gosh! The SAVINGS! My wallet is having orgasms just thinking of it. Now, if they were only biodegradable the world would have orgasms too.

Now, I am not just excited about buying toilet paper, but I am also ecstatic about buying face wipes. I never imagined I would find something that would produce more glee than massive amounts of toilet paper ;-) (just a reminder, totally tongue in cheek).

So here I am announcing to the world that I love to wipe my butt and my face with Kirkland Signature products (was that too much there? Yeah, but hey, like the book says, "Everybody Poops," and washes their faces. right? right?).

So, if you have a membership and like to use makeup remover wipes, this is a product to definitely try.

If you use these wipes, let me know what you think. I'll be back for more.

Much love

5 out of 5 happy wallets
Price: $11 to 12$ for 150 wipes
Where: Costco