Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh my! Is that a black eye?!

One day, I managed to get out of the house somewhat on time to get Cheeks to a playgroup. Once we were there, I was enjoying watching Cheeks clumsily crawl around after a toy. As I was staring into his beautiful face, I exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! Is that a black eye? Cheeks, what did you bump your face into?" Then, a fellow mother looked, and said, "I don't think that is a black eye. It is just lighting and a dark circle." Could it be? Yes, it can. My child has inherited my beautiful, illustrious dark circles. Poor child. At least he has enough cheeks to distract from the bluish tint under his eyes. Poor, poor child.

Thankfully, he is not of the age to wear mascara yet, because if he were of age, his dark circles might be further emphasized at the end of the day and through the night after makeup removal. You see, a long time ago, I was researching things to do to avoid bringing attention to dreaded dark circles. Among the recommendations, making sure that there were no traces of eye makeup was one of them. At first read, I thought, "duh!" However, after more pondering (yup, I pondered dark circle maintenance), I realized that I really didn't pay too much attention to full eye makeup removal. I did the best I could to remove the mascara. However, I would wake up with a cast of darkness in addition to the blue cast. Sure, I would swipe before a fresh makeup application, but there always seemed to be some more residual makeup. So, my quest for the most effective eye makeup remover started.

First, I used a cleansing oil (from DHC), while very effective (and the appearance of dark circles did improve), it was getting quite expensive and I could not maintain the habit. Then, I tried ponds cold cream; again, quite effective, but still a little too oily and heavy. I would have blurry vision for a hour after washing my face. Then, I tried one of Maybelline's eye makeup remover. Meh, very, very oily. At this rate, I just resigned myself to experiencing an oily residue and decided to stick with baby oil. But, I grew so tired of looking like a oil spill had just occurred on my face.

Now, just recently, I started to explore the non-oily makeup removers. I have tried the Target brand makeup remover (it is a knock off of the Neutrogena makeup remover). The remover wasn't very effective, it dried out my lids, and I just wasn't excited about it. Once I used it up, I decided to try the Clean and Clear Soothing eye makeup remover. I have been using this remover for more than two months. This is an "oil-free dual phase formula, containing cucumber extracts and conditioners" (from the 5.5 oz bottle). The remover does not have a fragrance, and it does not irritate at all. Oh, and it claims to remove waterproof mascara.
Well, it has taken some time to consider if I would buy this again, and I have finally decided that it is on my short list, but I want to see what else it out there.

I like that the remover
  • does not irritate the eyes
  • does not leave my vision blurry
  • feels light and is easy to wash off
  • does not require much tugging
  • does not leave my lids, nor eyes, dry.

However, the reason I want to see what else it out there is because the remover is a little lackluster with darker eyeliners and waterproof mascara. I have to use several cotton balls to remover a thin line of liquid liner, more than two coats of mascara, or one to two coats of waterproof mascara. So, nevermind an ass-kicking smokey eye. Honestly, I really don't want to create a mountain of cotton balls to remove makeup. I want something a little more effective for the liner and the mascara.

Really, this makeup remover is great for women, and men, who wear a light eye. I tend to wear liner and several coats of mascara, so I have to deal with residue after doing several saturated swipes, washing the face, and drying.

If the day comes when Cheeks wants to explore wearing eye makeup, I will let him know that this makeup remover exists, but I will recommend checking out something else before settling on this one. I might also recommend a yellow corrector under his concealer.

Rating:3.5 out of 5 happy wallets. Not a total flop. It does the job for a basic eye; so if you don't wear a lot of makeup, but are looking for an eye makeup remover, then try this one out. Doesn't do excellently with waterproof mascara.
Price: $5-$7, depending on store

If you have any recommendations for drugstore eye makeup removers, let me know.

More to come!
much love!


ndoodles said...

Oh ha ha :D That's a funny yet kinda sad story... but I have the same eye mu remover and I am planning to try something new! It really doesn't work as quickly as I thought and even w/ normal mascaras - there's a pile of cotton balls and q-tips alright.

Askmewhats said...

I'd definitely purchase it if I see them down here, I'd love to try other brands of makeup removers :)

T said...

Nikki, I know you have been on the quest for makeup removers too. If you find this one, let me know what you think.

Ndoodles, I know. However, I will say that the night before that day, Cheeks didn't have the greatest sleep, so the dark circles were a little more prominent. But, they really are always there.

Let me know if you find a remover that you like.