Wednesday, February 24, 2010

bras and brushes...

At the beginning of this month I received a really cute 6-piece bamboo eye brush set from ecoTools, which is perfect for travel. It has taken me awhile to get around to this review because I have been trying to figure out if the brushes work for me. While I was trying these brushes out, they reminded me of something very crucial in the makeup world: brushes are like the perfect bra. I mean we are on the constant quest to find the bra that is pretty, but at the same time has the engineering to offer lift, support, comfort, cleavage (or separation at times), smoothness, and other qualities. I mean, many of us don't want a bra that just lets the girls hang so that they look like a love handle, and I know many don't want a bra that pokes poeple's eyes out as we turn the corner. These extremes bring me to another point, bras really are a matter of personal preference. Granted there is a standard we look for (support, comfort, style), but overall the rest is up to our desires. For instance, I like the rocket boob look; I like to give off the impression that men might get hurt if they touch without permission. Whereas, other women like the breast to look like pretty mounds of soft suppleness. Great! Beautiful! Diversity in boobs!

Before, I continue to talk about breasts--such a great topic--let me bring it back to makeup brushes. There is a softness, a firmness, and a size to all of these brushes we constantly try out. I mean, we makeup lovers hear time and again about the importance of one's brushes. Without these essential tools, makeup is next to nothing. Really, how to do you think you will accomplish a beautiful, precise cut crease if you don't have the perfect dense, but soft, pointed crease brush that isn't too large nor too small? Seriously, that MAC 224 is NOT a one size fit all. Beauty bloggers can give you the best, most accurate review possible on these brushes, so that you can go to the store and have a better idea, but really you don't know until you try out the brush for yourself. Just like with the bras, you don't know exactly how they will make your mammary glands look until your wear a top over said bra.

So anyway (Did I digress again? I think I know the source of my obsession.), back to this bamboo brush set. This 6-piece brush set is really cute, extremely portable, soft bristles, handy mirror. Unfortunately, the brushes didn't work well for my eye size and shape. Let me elaborate.

This brush set contains 1) a large eye brush, 2) an angled crease brush, 3) a petite eye shading brush, 4) a highlighting brush, 5) a smudge brush, and 6) the case with the mirror (considered part of the six piece). Each brush has the function stamped in the handle for easy application. So, the large eye brush is suggested for blending, the angled is designated for crease work and outer "v" work and so forth. When adhering to the assigned purpose the brushes work really well. However, I did have a problem using any of the brushes for all over lid application. The large brush was just too big for my lid, and I handle angled brushes very awkwardly.

My sample kit did not include the highlighting brush, so I can't review that. However, I did have an appreciation for the petite eye shading brush. The petite eye shading brush was nice to use when I wanted a defined outer "v" or crease. It worked nicely to go into the inner corner of the lid as well. This particular brush could work well to smudge too. The smudge brush is really a smallish, fluffy brush, which does not lend itself to great control when wanting to carefully smudge liner. Now if you just want to smudge the liner so that it is faintly there, or for a smokey look, then this brush works excellently for that. I did tend to find the pouch with the mirror very convenient when I wanted to get a closer look as I applied makeup.

All in all, I see myself mostly using the petite eye shading brush for definition and the large eye brush strictly for blending. The rest of the brushes really don't work for my eyes or my needs.

If you have a good amount of lid space and are in need of a portable brush kit, then take a gander at this, but really, ecoTools has more versatile brushes available.

The 6-piece Bamboo eye brush set (closed) next to a CD sleeve for perspective.

6-piece open (I have two angled brushes, but the set actually has one angled brush and an highlighting brush.)

The Large Eye Brush

The Angled Crease Brush

The Petite Eye Shading Brush

The Smudge Brush

3 out of 5 happy wallets (The price is great at $7.99 for 5 brushes and the pouch. Also, the size is great for travel, and the brushes are soft, but they lack versatility and won't work with many eye lid sizes. Just like the bra situation, the potential is there; it might work for others, but the brushes didn't cut it for me.)

Price: $7.99

Where: drugstores, Target,

Note on review: I did receive these product to review. However, I was not paid for writing a review, and I always vow to be honest. The gratis products did not sway my opinion one way or another.


Anonymous said...

I am giving away my favorite shadow brush at

jo.frougal said...

That's too bad. Maybe you'll find some other good use for your brushes, or you could give it away. It's not available where I live ;)

T said...

Ms. Given, thanks for the info on your giveaway.

jo.Frougal, stay tuned. I got a surprise for you. ;)

Fabuless Beauty said...

OOOOooo Thanks for this! I love EcoTools.

jo.frougal said...

A surprise!!! Oh, goody! ;D