Thursday, January 21, 2010

quick note

I have been laying low for a while. Cheeks and I were nursing a cold, and life just happens. However, I just wanted to peak from under the rock and use my corner of the internet to remind everyone to not forget those in Haiti. I know that there are many catastrophes in this world, and even more people suffering, but Haiti just tugs at my heart.

If you have some money to spare, consider passing on some of it to the organizations that are working hard to save lives and reconstruct. It doesn't have to be now, it can be later because the effects of the catastrophe will be long lasting.

I will be back with a review later on.
Take care and much love


Recessionista! said...

We miss you, T! Come back to us soon, and I hope you and Cheeks are doing better now! xo

T said...

Thanks, R. I miss the community (I still read up on your awesome updates). Every time I sit down to draft an entry, Cheeks is like "hey now, it's all about me." Then at night, I just kind of pass out. I need to get my act together. BTW, we are doing a lot better. Thanks!

(oh, and I am totally typing with one hand right now, lol)

I'll be back.

marisol said...

Hope you are both feeling better!

T said...

I am, Marisol! Thank you for your well wishes. I shall be back.