Sunday, December 13, 2009

Let's Share (giveaway!) **CLOSED**

Hi Lovelies!!

You know what I hate? I hate when I have something coherent and eloquent to say and then I totally forget what I was going to say. When I finally get around to writing or saying what I wanted to say, nothing valuable come out and then I sound like a fool. And this is what happened just now. I had a fun intro to this entry in my head, and now I am drawing a blank. However, I want to get this show on the road so you are reading this mumbo jumbo instead.

Soo, here we go. Remember not long ago when I reviewed the new ecoTools by Alicia Silverstone cosmetic bags? Remember how I raved about the Overnight bag? Well, guess what!

I have been given the opportunity to give away three (3) Overnight bags, which means that we will have three (3) winners!

I am super excited about this opportunity to share the coolness and convenience of this new ecoTools product.
ecoTools by Alicia Silverstone overnight bag (open)

It is simple to enter this giveaway.
Here are the details:

When: The chance to enter this giveaway will end on December 30, 2009 at 11:00 pm eastern time.

Who: I am opening up the giveaway to all, US and international (if an international reader wins, just bear with me in the mailing process. I can't remember the last time I mailed internationally.).

How: In order to enter, you must (1) follow this blog (check the side bar to join/follow), (2) post a comment with your first name, email address (or you can email me your email address if you want to maintain privacy, my email is in the sidebar. Just be sure that you identify yourself in the email so I can connect the email to the comment.) under this post before the deadline mentioned above.

This is all you have to do, and you can only enter once.

Also, if you have a facebook account, be sure to become a fan of ecotools.
In addition, share the love about ecotools on twitter.

Yay for giveaways, and Yay for traveling is style!


GS said...

I want in!!!! my name is mabel and my email is

Shooting Stars Mag said...

this would be great! Thanks,

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

p.s. i follow

Erica D. said...

I reeeeeaaallly could use this!!

Rebecca said...

I would love this!

libbeh said...


thanks for the great giveaway!! hope i win! :)

Angela said...

I'm a big fan of EcoTools and would like to win.


T said...

Yay! thanks for entering. Be sure I can identify you on the following list.
Good luck to all.

Joanne said...

How awesome!! My name is Joanne and my email is

Shao said...

I love Ecotools, and anything that has to do with makeup organization! Count me in c:

My name's Shao, and my email address is

Thanks a lot <3

Joan said...

Every little bit helps our planet and if it makes us look good too - Yeah!

Fay. H. said...

This is so awesome! I've been thinking about getting one lately. Best of luck!

digital _ syren AT hotmail DOT COM

selecu said...

yay yay yayyyyy!

sara - selecu at gmail dot com

thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Shaim said...

Iam a follower
I want in please
Shaimaa ,

Amy said...

ok girlie, count me in!

auroragyps said...

This looks really nice for keeping all your stuff in one place, instead of several separate bags.

Elvira said...

Sweet giveaway T! I'm not entering b/c I don't go anywhere. But good luck w/ the giveaways!

Anonymous said...

I would love to win one. Hi T, You know that I am your #1 follower.

Lelu's mom

Aileen said...

Yay! I love EcoTools!! I would love to win one of these!

eyesod02 at gmail dot com

Jessie Lynn said...

How exciting!

Jessie Lynn

Thanks, dear.

vrtish55 said...

Yay T!! My name is Vickie and my email is vickers_73460(at)yahoo(dot)com and I follow. :) Happy Holidays to all!!

Halifax said...

I'm an email subscriber, hope that counts.


Rachael said...

These would come in super duper handy for my upcoming trip to Jamaica!!!
Rachael W

Marguie said...

I love makeup bags and ecotools. It would be so awesome to win. Thank you!

Marguie @ aol dot com

Monica said...

Great giveaway, enter me please! Just click on my name for email:) Happy Holidays!

drrph said...

Include me

Suri said...


Merry Christmas!

Shela said...

I just realized I've never been on this blog-- even though I've seen it in the blog rolls 12,000 times before. Great reads! And thanks for holding this giveaway!


Check out ours?

Kourtney said...


mooosley said...

Thanks for the chance to win!!