Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So...what's your sign?

Well, this is just awkward. Here I am vowing to myself and you that I am here to write, write, write, and another week passes. As I sat down to log in and post a new entry, I felt clumsy and shy. It was like I was a goofy kid trying to pursue the most beautiful person who is wayyy out of my league. How the hell do I approach such a radiant person? I will soo be rejected. What's the use? Blah, blah, blah.

In other words, I really didn't know how to go about writing an entry again. I have lost momentum and the inertia has set in. Lame, lame, lame. So as I was driving to my friend's house, I thought about what I could do to get this blog going again after being away so long. I thought about the awkwardness I felt just thinking about how long I had been away, and then I thought about what I have been up to. After all of this contemplation, I decided to just open my mind and stretch my fingers and let both do the work. Instead of plotting a specific review with pictures and stories, I just need to sit down and let out.

So here I am: I am sitting down and letting it out.

Oh yeah, so I have been really slowing down on cosmetics buying. Right before my computer gave out, I had hit a saturation point. It reminds me of the time I ate way too many Oreos, the next time I saw them I wanted to throw up. Or another time I only drank cider every time I went to the bar, and then one night I got sick from drinking too much, the next day I would gag just hearing the word "cider." My aversion to Oreos still persists, and I have finally come around to drinking cider again, but it took some retraining. Anyway, my lust for makeup has been temporarily exhausted. I have an urge to use up some of the stuff I have, and that is what I am in the process of doing. I think I have enough colors in my stash to create whatever "perfect" color of the moment, and I am pretty sure I have enough skincare to fill a drugstore. Now, I did make an exception for combating the acne solution, but other than that, I just breeze through the skincare and cosmetics sections at stores unless I really need something.

I must say, it feels really good to look at the new makeup coming out and just shrug. Meh, there is nothing new under the sun. I guess I may be jaded, but I do believe it is only temporary. I won't be unimpressed with the newcomers for the rest of my life. Now, I have realized that I don't need all of the colored eyeshadows under the sun. I am really happy with neutral, right now.

To be clear, however, just because I am not shopping like I used to doesn't mean I don't have reviews coming. Also, just because I hit a temporary saturation point doesn't mean I don't have anything to write about. Don't fret. My shelves and drawers are full of goodies to review, and I still am interested in painting my face.

In fact, as I write this entry, I already feel the warm feelings coming back. I already feel the motivation, the urge, the fire, the...the...the desire to write about my personal thoughts on products.

So on this note, let me share what I have been in love with and what I have not been in love with.

1) Well, my face has been breaking out, and thank you, lovely ladies, for all of the wonderful recommendations. I got some Neutrogena spot treatment, and I started up the Clean and Clear blackhead remover routine again. So far, I have been having luck. Once I am finished with the spot treatment I am going get the Acne-stress 3-in-1 (it wasn't in store when I went, boo hiss). With this being said, I am really in love with the Clean and Clear blackhead remover. Remember I previously reviewed it? Well, I am loyal to it. I can really tell the difference between using it and not using it. My face looks and feels so much better when I use it. Definitely repurchase.

2) I am also all about mark.'s "For Goodness Face" moisturizer. It doesn't cause breakouts, I have repurchased several times, has SPF 30, doesn't feel sticky, doesn't smell, and just feels great. It is awesome!

3) I have rediscovered L'oreal's Voluminous mascara (waterproof). Oh my goodness! I tried it a long time ago and really hated it. However, this time around I decided to buy it because it was on sale for $4. Well, I love how it separates, lengthens, and voluminizes my lashes. Goodness, it looks like I am wearing natural-looking fake lashes. Now, this mascara is hit or miss on people, and fortunately, it is now a hit for me. Definite repurchase.

4) Palladio Herbal waterproof eyeliner in black brown is excellent. It reminds me of a milder version of Revlon Colorstay at a lower price (about $4.50 at Sally's). By milder I mean it feels a littler softer and is more smudgeable and blendable. I am really liking this eyeliner for my "softer, neutral, come-hither" days. Plus, it doesn't last a good amount of time. I would say definitely more than 5 hours.

5) Since I have been encountering a little bit of acne, I have had to whip out my standby Revlon Colorstay foundation and the Revlon Colorstay blemish concealer in medium/deep. This concealer is nicely pigmented, blends well, doesn't smear, and matches my skin really well. I love it! A little goes a long way too.

6) Cheeks has been giving me a little of a hard time at night so my dark circles are a little more prominent. Therefore, I went to Wal-mart and got NYC's cover stick in yellow to counteract the blue in my dark circles. This coverstick works like a charm. It is easy to blend, doesn't crease, and neutralizes really well. So, I swipe this one first, blend, and then top it off with my Maybelline Mineral Power concealer. Plus, the stick is going to last forever because a little goes a long way.

1) After many months of trying out Sally Hansen Natural Beauty inspired by Carmindy foundation in Sandy Beige, I feel kind of meh about it. The foundation feels great going on, and it does offer medium coverage, but for some reason, I am just not feeling the foundation. I love the pump, and the shades does a pretty good job of matching my skintone, but it lacks to longevity that Revlon Colorstay offers. It does an okay job holding up to my oily skin; I still get breakthrough, and I feel apprehensive about touching my face after several hours. This isn't a bad foundation, and I would recommend it to someone with normal skin, but I wouldn't necessarily rave about it after much time to consider if I like it or not. Now, I did rave about it when I first started using it (rave to myself, really), but I grew disenchanted with it. I think I just am supremely satisfied with Revlon Colorstay, and so I am just meh about this foundation. I will continue to use this foundation when I rotate my foundations just for kicks, but I won't repurchase it. In a market of so many foundations, this doesn't really stand out; I guess this is the best way to describe the foundation.

2) Clean and Clear advantage mark treatment is meh. The smell is annoying and somewhat overwhelming, the gel doesn't fully dry so it goops up when I put on moisturizer, and it really hasn't vanished my marks. Soo, next time I will definitely try the Neutrogena 3-in-1.

Alright, I plan on finishing the brush review, and touching on the ION demi hair dye. For now, I shall get some rest.

I hope all of you are having a splendid week, and thank you so much for your support and encouragement. Much love!


AMK said...

Purchase skin product that comprise of natural ingredients so it won't harm and damage the skin. Check thoroughly the label and avoid those who have artificial substances.

beautifulmonday said...

yea, sorry about that- i should have warned you that not all DS carry the 3-in-1. lately i have had to purchase from Ulta because my CVS doesn't have it. other drugstores are hit and miss. they often have everything BUT that from the Neutrogena acne line. it's annoying and inexplicable.
can't wait to see what you think of it.
and i'm thinking i might get me the C&C blackhead remover soon....mostly for dull skin and also a couple of really resistant blackheads on my nose.