Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Friday and got a buffer?

So, Cheeks is getting a full night's rest, but for some reason I am up at 4 in the morning. Oh well, I might as well be productive. I just took pictures of swatches for the La Femme eyeshadows and blushes. I hope to get this review out before Thanksgiving since we are going to be busy.

Onto beauty!

So, I have to be better about checking the Happyface account because there are some gems to be found in the inbox. For instance a while ago, I received a nice email about the multitasking ability of Ms. Manicure products, and there were two that made me say "ohh, cool," out loud. I would like to pass this along.

First off, I have several Ms. Manicure products that I found at Target a while back, and I really do enjoy them. I have a specific nail clipper for my fingernails from Ms. Manicure, and I panic every time I can't find them (I hide them very well so that the Scholar doesn't use them for his man-toes.). I like the nail clippers because they have a cover around the bottom part of the clippers that makes them more stable when I am holding them, and the size of the clippers work really well for the size of my nails. Plus, I have had them for more than two years, and they have not gone dull, nor rusty, and they haven't lost their spring. In fact, come to think of it, I haven't bought another set of clippers since those. I also have a nail file that I really like for both my fingers and toes. The file is firm for better grip and control, and the grit is perfect for both types of nails. It files without tearing apart my nails.

Also, if you like cute packaging, this is a great inexpensive brand to satisfy that fetish. I, typically, don't get swayed by packaging, but I have to admit that Ms. Manicure's packaging makes me smile. It is very girly, cute, and fun. Several Christmases ago, I bought a cool kit as a stocking stuffer for The Grrl, and I received some matchbook nail files from my MIL. So, really these could make great stocking stuffers for the gift-giving season.

Okay, secondly, and this didn't even occur to me, but I learned that some of these products can be used for things other than nails.

For instance, their "Rock 'n Sole" pumice stone can not only be used to remove calluses, but it can also be used to remove pills from sweaters. You just put the sweater on a flat surface, and gingerly rub the dry stone over the trouble spots on the sweater. Now, remember that the stone is really used to remove calluses, so be gentle. I have yet to try this technique, but I do look forward to testing it because I do have some favorite sweaters that I can't bear to get rid of yet. Really, all they need is a nice refresher. I have bought two sweater shaves before, but they stopped working after several uses, and I am out 14 bucks, whereas, the pumice stone is about 2 bucks.

The other tip that I really intrigued me concerned refreshing suede. So, I went through a phase where I collected nail buffers (weird, I know) and I just used them for my nails. However, buffers can be used to spruce up your suede.
Here is the tip, "Spill something on your new suede boots? You might not have to head for the shoe store for another pair just yet. Grab an emery board, like Ms. Manicure ‘s Call Your Buff ($2.99), and lightly rub the stain. Use the soft, buffer side of this four-sided board to ensure that your boots don’t get damaged in the process. Then, hold the shoe over steam from a boiling pot (or teakettle) on the stove to completely remove it. This works for suede clothing as well! "
Who knew? I used to use my hair brush to buff out any water marks, but the suede would always get rattled.

Just to be clear, I have not yet tried these tips nor these products for the alternative uses. I just thought the tips were curious and helpful. I have, however, tried several Ms. Manicure products, and do not hesitate to purchase more of the products available. I think they are most excellent for the price, plus they are super cute. You can find the Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure at many stores (e.g. Target, K-mart, Ulta, Wal-mart, and so forth).

Much love.


Elaine said...

Okay, I am a sucker for packaging but I still love my Ms. Manicure products. I've worn some down to the nibs (not my fingers) because I love them so much. I need to replace.

T said...

I know the packaging is super cute. That is what initially caught my eye when I bought my first kit.