Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some people read tea leaves, I read makeup (there is a review somewhere in here too)

Makeup does more than just beautify and correct. With some analysis, the products also tell us what features we are obsessed with, whether for good or bad. For instance, when I open my makeup drawer and look at it, I see an ocean of lipsticks. I mean, seriously, my lipstick collection is like the Pacific Ocean. I have enough lipsticks to wear for the rest of my life, to hand down to Cheeks (unused), for Cheeks to hand down to his children (unused). Really, my collection belongs in a sideshow. In fact, Queen Fierce goes shopping for lipsticks in my stash, and I never miss the ones she picks out because I just have too many. Now, I want to be clear, I am not bragging. This collection is excessive, unnecessary, and kind of shameful. However, it is also very revealing. I have looked at the ridiculous accumulation of lipsticks and evaluated what it says about me. Sure, on a superficial level it says that I love lipsticks, but what else does it say? Hmm *index finger taps chin, indicating brain cogs in action*...Well, on one hand, I think it states that I am obviously obsessed with the mouth. I want people to look at my mouth when I am talking, to pay attention. I want people to listen and evaluate the words that are emitted. Lipstick is a great way to pull the other person's eyes towards the voice piece. I also cherish the power of voice, which is directly associated with the mouth; therefore, I want to celebrate my biggest weapon. I am obsessed with lipstick because I am obsessed with the mouth, because the mouth is powerful: it can be a thruway for souls to exchange, it can distribute poetry, and it can spew vitriol.

Of course, there is a flip side to this love of the mouth. My collection of lipstick also indicates that I am not quite satisfied with what I have. I am constantly searching for the perfect something, whatever the color of choice might be. Is this a bad thing? My instinct says "maybe." In addition to the variation of tones within the same color family, I also have several color families, which also exhibit the different moods and thoughts I had when I hunted the colors: pinks for my flirty moods, reds for my brazen moods, deep berries for my "don't-mess-with-me-or-I'll-bite-you" moods. All of these shades demonstrate the complexity that is human emotion, but there is always the underlying feeling that something just isn't perfect. Really, this realization is eye-opening and humbling. It's like the lipsticks are telling me, "T, look at me. Look at what you have created? You were always in a search to find a perfect lipstick, and you know it doesn't exist, let alone exist in just one tube. Stop trying to bottle up all of you in one tube. Dig deep into what you already have, ahem this collection, and create your own combinations. You will never find perfection, but you will eventually find satisfaction." Food for thought. I do believe I am finally at my saturation point on the lipstick point.

Now, let me transition to another makeup reveal: nails and nail polish. Nail Polish is a lot like lipstick: there are a variety of colors, and there is a lot of room for creativity. A person can always exhibit a little of his or her wild side by just picking the right nail polish color. Like lipsticks, there is a color for every mood and occasion. Like lipsticks, nail polish doesn't really discriminate between sizes and body types, and best of all, it can easily be changed. With this being said, just like there is an essential part to lipstick (moisture on the lips), there is an important step in ensuring the long life of a worn polish: top coat.

It is so very annoying to finish a nail painting job just to get an atrocious smudge or a dreadful chip. Seriously. A good top coat helps avoid this annoyance. Therefore, I shall introduce you to Wet n' Wild's MegaLast Quick Dry Ultra Gloss top coat. This gem of a nail product is only about $2, and it is fan-friggin'-tastic. Before finding this top coat, I was a loyal Seche Vite fan. However, after buying MegaLast, I have not once looked back at my Seche Vite that is sitting sadly in my nail products box. Like Seche Vite, MegaLast dries in a flash, provides a great and longlasting "wet" look, and it does a thorough job of protecting the nail polish. Unlike Seche Vite, MegaLast is less expensive (plus), it isn't thick (nice), it doesn't shrink once dried on the nail (good), and when/if chipping does occur it doesn't come off in horrible sheets.
For the test, I painted my left hand with just nail polish, and I painted my right hand with polish and then the top coat. My left hand started chipping after three days, and my right hand started showing minimal chipping and tip fade six days after initial application. Plus, my left hand looked shabby and dull by the second day, whereas, the right hand maintained its shine. Also, my right hand dried in no time. My left hand did smudge a little when I went to bed.

The MegaLast top coat will enhance many nail polishes. It can hold out on much of the everyday wear and tear we put our hands through. My top-coated mani survived the changing of diapers, the opening of packages, the washing of dishes, and the cleaning of bathrooms. However, I have to state that it does sometimes struggle when too many coats of a nail polish are under the top coat. I did do another test where I wore approximately three layers of a sheer Revlon shade, and my index finger (we will get back to this index finger) did chip after the second day. Oh, and the smell is kind of strong. The rest of the nails were in pretty good shape. This is just a wonderful, inexpensive, and effective product.

So what does all of this mean as far as revelations? Well, the use of nail polish reveals that I definitely use my left index finger a whole lot because that finger is the first to go. I like to point at things, I like to jab things, I use this finger to remove Cheeks hanging boogers (yes, this definitely comes with the parenting territory). Basically, my index finger is my utility knife: always handy, always there. The use of nail polish was also very revealing because it disproved something I thought was true. I use my middle finger a lot less than I thought I did. I mean, I do enjoy dropping the F-bomb when wearing berry lipsticks, but I guess I don't like to stick out my middle finger as much while wearing purple polish. Not a bad thing. And finally, the search for a good top coat has been satisfied. I found one that is willing to commit to its task without asking me to fork over my savings. This top coat provides qualities that I subconsciously search for in my life, commitment (long lasting, about 5-7 days), immediate gratification (dried very quickly), comfort (not heavy nor thick), protection (fights chips), care (isn't harsh on my nails), camaraderie (goes well with pretty much any nail polish). Sometimes I may look like I own the world, but deep down I am just another person seeking the ever-elusive perfection and tender, loving protection.

And people thought makeup was frivolous...
So what does your makeup say about you?

Rating for WnW MegaLast Quick Dry Ultra Gloss top coat: 5 out of 5 happy wallets. Are you kidding me, it's $2 and it works exceptionally well.

Price: around $2

Day 6 of wearing Color Club polish in "Power Play" with WnW MegaLast top coat on top. Two coats of color polish, and one coat of top coat. Notice, shine still evident, minimal tip fade, a small chip.

Another view of Day 6. See the tip fade. Not bad for the time span.

The hand without the top coat. Note the dullness, the more obvious chips. Beautiful color thought. I got this polish from a long time ago.


Elvira said...

i'm gonna have to check this out! i do love my SV and have not had the problems you mentioned...I think those kind of issues occur when SV is old.

T said...

Yeah, when SV gets old, it gets super poopy and nothing can thin that stuff out, but when I got a fresh bottle of SV, I wasn't as enthused as I was with MegaLast. SV still felt thick and it did shrink on me.

Debt Hater said...

Ooh! I can't wait to try this out. Thanks for the review!