Monday, September 28, 2009


My computer threw a tantrum and then fell sick this weekend, and I have to take it to the doctor to get treated. Therefore, my posts are delayed. Boo Hiss.

I am so sorry, I won't be delivering posts in a timely fashion, but I am hoping the visit to doctor will be a quick one.

Much love


Askmewhats said...

your health is the most important, get well soon sweetie

The Mighty J said...
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The Mighty J said...

Hopefully the computer feels better soon LOL

Elvira said...

Aww. soory your computer is ailing. Hope it gets better soon. How's cheeks doing?

T said...

Hey, Ladies! thanks for the well wishes for my computer. I need a new hard drive, boo hiss. It's gonna take some time, but hopefully it will be sooner than I think.

I am sneaking on computer now. Elvira, Cheeks is doing really well. He is six months old, and he is sitting up and trying to crawl. I just introduced solids, so we are embarking on another adventure.
Hope to post soon.

Recessionista! said...

We miss you, T!! I'm sorry you need a new hard drive (been there, done that and stupid me didn't back up my pics so a big chunk of my photos are gone. Argh!). I hope you backed up everything and don't have to suffer a similar fate. :)

Wow, Cheeks is already 6 mos old? What a big boy, eating solids and sitting up! Oh they grow so fast, don't they? xo

T said...

It's crazy, isn't it, R. Cheecks in now 7 months. Where does the time go? He is just too cute!
Thanks for your support! It's good to be back