Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Update and Tagged (11 happy things)!

Hi Chicas! How is everyone? I have been out because we took Cheeks McGee to the beach. It was a great time. However, now that we are home, Cheeks is all like, "hey, you! Yeah, you, the one who feeds me, I am gonna make you pay for taking me out of the routine. I won't sleep through the night, I will demand arms during the day, and I will cry loudly and incessantly when I want something. Oh, and I am gonna be hungry all the time. Yeah, that's what you get for taking me to the stinkin' beach."

Soo, I had all intentions of coming home and blogging the hell out of blogspot. I had fantasies of blogging so much that my keyboard was going to smoke and the computer was going to sizzle. Alas, this did not happen. Instead, I have been vegging out after long days of fighting with a cute 5 month old, and then I crawl into bed. In fact, I didn't even wash my face last night, and now I am suffering a poopy zit on my chin. Boo Hiss. But, no fear (not that you were), Cheeks is falling back into his routine, and I am getting back on schedule.

In the meantime, I shall do this fun survey that Recessionista sent me. Oh, but before I forget, I didn't take the Clean and Clear blackhead eraser to the beach with me, and my face definitely missed it. So it must be doing something right.

Ok, here is the survey (I love doing these things. you might see another survey go up tonight)

11 Things that make me Happy

1) My new family. When I was younger, I never planned on getting married. I always thought I would find a lover: we would live separately, but hang out on a regular basis. I never really thought I would find someone who would love me just the way I am and want to actually commit to me. I never really thought I would want to commit to anyone either. And yet, I met the Scholar. Pretty crazy. Then two years later, we have Mr. Cheeks McGee dictating what goes on in the house. It is so surreal. There are times when I wake up in the middle of the night and look at these two men and just thank God with a humble heart. It doesn't get better. It just doesn't.

2) I may be 30, but I still crave being home with Queen Fierce. Those walls hold a lot of good memories, the smell of comfort food still emanates from the kitchen, and the bed is always welcoming.

3) The weekly calls from Mr. Serenity. He never tires of my Buffy-ridden conversations, and he guides me on which movies to watch and what to do with my car.

4) The daily texts from The Grrl. Holy Moly, thank God for unlimited texting because we can text like it is our job, especially on Sundays during True Blood. Oh Eric...

5) An excellent book that includes some type of awakening, a touch of romance, a strong heroine, a balanced dose of details, a magnificent voice, and a plethora of new words for me to discover. Wow, no wonder I shrug after reading many books.

6) Volunteering. Right now, I teach computer classes at my local library, and I love interacting with the participants. I love their stories, I like their excitement. I enjoy leaving feeling like I have helped someone. Plus, I get to hang out at one of my favorite spots.

7) Getting packages. Whoa, Nelly! I rip the package open in the elevator. I don't even wait until I get in the house. I know what is in the box, but I still get super excited.

8) Simple Christmases. I don't really even care about gifts. I like to keep things simple. This is difficult to do during Christmas especially since so many go overboard with gifts during this time. I like to chill in comfy clothes, watch TV, drink cider, snack on turkey, and just hang out. So whenver I come across a simple Christmas, it is a good Christmas.

9) Silence. Some poeple don't feel comfortable with silence. I cherish it. Funny story, when I was pregnant I read that it was good to talk to the belly so that the baby could get used to my voice. I was home alone a lot, and there were days where I was quiet for most of the time. Then I would freak out because I hadn't said anything to the future Cheeks, and I would immediately start a conversation, only to fall into silence 10 mintues later. It is so nice to just hear my own breath. Oh, also curious. I am a teacher by trade, and there were times in the classroom when I would just close my mouth. The students would look up from their notes and doodles. I would stare at them and say, "Sorry, I just got tired of hearing my voice, so I can only imagine how you are feeling. Let's take a minute to just enjoy the silence." Don't get me wrong, I am not shy, I just don't believe in superfluous talk.

10) Beading. I create something and it doesn't necessarily have to take months to make. Plus, I can wear it as soon as I am done.

11) Long Showers. Better than a long walk on the beach. So, so, so relaxing.

I tag the following:

Elaine, over at Stella's dreams. She blogs about adventures in new mommyhood, which is fun and heartwarming.

Beda from Beda's Beauty Blog. Excellent reviews, FOTD's and is a fellow islander.

Tanya at The Pink Train Case. An expert drugstore shopper, and all around fun chica.

Miss Marisol at A dirty martini kind of girl. One of the first blogs I started reading. Excellent chica.

Of course, anyone else can share on her (do I have male blogger readers?) blog, or in the comments section. This is a nice positive sharing, so why not keep it up.
Also, the tagged are not obligated to do it.

Much love.

Recessionista, thanks for sending this, it was fun to think about how happy I am.

Much Love.


Elaine said...

I love this blog! I am so with you on number 1 it's just down right silly.

Adrianna said...

I think it was really interesting to read #1 because I look at my life now and even though I am 24 I feel like you and I have switched roles. I know I will get married in time, but I feel like I will be completely content in my future life with my husband, dog, no children, and being Titi Auntie Nanigirrl to Cheeks McGee!

I also love to come home to Queen Fierce to eat comfort food, receive her warm kisses and hugs, sit on the couch in the kitchen while she cooks, absorb the smells of the house, and walk around the house looking at all the pictures from our past and present.

I too love helping people, and finishing my day with the great feeling like I made someone's day better, and thus, this is why I love nursing and am so anxious to begin my career as an NP.

I love spending time with The Quiet One (future husband) because we enjoy each others company and presence and I find that we enjoy each other in silence as well. We can sit with each other him on the computer, me studying or reading a book, and after a period of silence we look at each other and smile and kiss. I love that there is no pressure to always be in conversation with each other, and that we have come to a point in our relationship where we enjoy and love each other so much that we just want to be together, not necessarily having to be doing something.

Just a couple of thoughts
much love,

The Grrl

Bedalyz said...

You and I both enjoy silence and long showers. Ahh, long hot showers are my perfect "me" time.

Gonna start a list soon. Thanks for tagging me!


beautifulmonday said...

fascinating. enjoyed the read.
btw welcome back!

Recessionista! said...

You are so welcome, T! I really loved your responses. No surprise that we have so much in common (books, libraries, learning new words, long showers, silence, I could on and on.). xo

T said...

I look forward to reading the upcoming ones.

The Grrl, thank you for sharing and finally commenting. I got so excited to read this.

BeautifulMonday, it is good to be back. How about you? What are your 11 happy things?

Long showers are definitely a common luxury.
R, it's just further confirmation, my friend :-).

beautifulmonday said...

you know, i think maybe i'll do 11 happy things on my own blog tonight or tomorrow and then share the link. (it's not the one that comes up on my Blogger.) it's been a crummy week in many ways so it would be a good exercise to count my blessings.
thanks for the idea.

T said...

Beautifulmonday, I look forward to reading your entry. I checked out your epicurean cult blog. Very cool recipes.