Saturday, August 1, 2009

Quick Update and question!

First off, thank you so very much to my new and older followers for joining me on this adventure of self-beautification. If you have any requests, questions, etc., you are always welcome to email me ( I love to keep the communication lines open, so let's have fun!

Now for the update:
I have taken the pictures for the brush post. I just have to edit and write.
I am in the process of testing the Carmindy foundation. I am still deciding what I think.
I have been wearing out my clean and clear blackhead eraser. Pretty good.
The maybelline XXL extension mascara is pretty nice.

So, what review/post would you like to see first? I aim to get several posts out. We shall see if Cheeks McGee lets me get to them in a timely fashion.

Let's see what else...I have this desire to dye my hair. I think I am even going to go to my professional. Do you have any color suggestions? I just don't know what I want.


Elaine said...

I'm thinking you should stay away from the auburn red/purple thing. Too many of us dark-heads go that route & it seems so overdone. I think you should do something a little sassier like more golden streaks or highlights. NOT the blond stuff from the 70's but something more orange/red & streakier.

T said...

I like that, Elaine. I was considering red, but, ugh, the upkeep. I think goled is what I am craving, but nothing too contrasting.

GS said...

Do the brush post, I´m obssesed with brushes lately

mooosley said...

I'm dying to hear your opinion of the C&C Blackhead Eraser! I look forward to reading about what you decide to do with your hair!

T said...

I'll get on these two posts. I promise.
I think I am going to do highlights and slowly get lighter and golden. I will definitely provide updates.