Saturday, August 1, 2009

Quick Tip: Blending shadow

I have noticed that sometimes makeup artists like you use a "blending shadow" to subtly fuse two shadows shades together or to softly blend the crease color upward toward the brow bone. I think this is an excellent technique, especially when blending the crease color to make the shade look less harsh. However, sometimes, I don't want to add more color nor highlight when blending the crease color up toward the brow bone. And sometimes, just using a blending brush to diffuse the color doesn't cut it.

Well, here is something you can try out. Pick a nice, soft, matte shadow that is very close to your skin color, get a little of the shadow on a fluffy brush and lightly swipe over the crease color. This should help to diffuse a harsh crease without adding more color. If you can't locate a shadow as described above, then grab your pressed powder; this can do the trick. I used my pressed powder today and it worked like a charm. Try it out, and let me know.


Scarlett said...

I do this---great tip!!!

T said...

Great! Thanks for validating this tactic. ;-)