Thursday, August 27, 2009

Products I am using right now

I have seen this survey on several blogs, and I decided to do it too. If you would like reviews on any of the product just give me a shout out.

Shampoo: Mixed Chicks shampoo (just finishing up, won't repurchase)

Conditioner: Herbal Essence Tousle me Softly (trying it out. smells very nice)

Styling products: 1) Herbal Essence Tousle me Softly mousse (crazy love it. Have been using it for one week, and I get excited to use after I wash my hair. So far no complaints.
2) Garnier Sleek and Shine Anti-humidity hairspray (very nice. Don't wear it every day, but when I do I am surprised at how nice it is. A review will come.)

Shower Gel: Dove Cucumber Melon soap bar.

Body moisturizer: Curel 24 hour comfort. (I friggin' love this stuff. There is a review on here)

Deodorant: Degree invisible solid in power, I think.

Fake Tan: I'm brown; no need to tan.

Cleanser: 1) Costco makeup wipes (love, cheap!), 2) Clean and Clear blackhead eraser/Cetaphil antibacterial bar soap (testing)

Toner: None.

Exfoliator: Clean and Clear blackhead eraser (I missed it when I didn't hav it)

Primer: None.

Foundation brush: testing the Essence of Beauty foundation brush. Very soft, a little too wide.
However, I prefer fingers and sponges.

Concealer: maybelline coverstick in beige and maybelline mineral power in beige. (both are great concealers. Coverstick is very thick, but does not budge. Mineral power is also really nice; a little thinner than coverstick.)

Powder: mark. powder buff powder foundation in "natural" (love)

Blush: Carmindy blush in "poppy" (I have reviewed it somewhere on here)

Bronzer: mark. pro bronze (excellent non-orange shade)

Highlighter: mark. get bright hookup highligher

Eyeshadow base: UDPP, L'oreal Crease, MAC paint in bamboo

Eyeshadows: I have been wearing a lot of mark. shadows recently

Eyeliner: HiP cream liner (I am not really liking it anymore though. It dries out too fast. boo hiss)

Curler: ELF lash curler. (Love it. Replaced my shu uemura)

Mascara: Prestige My Biggest Lashes (on Recessionista recommendation. It is nice, but have decided not to settle on it.)

Lipstick: MAC Twig with NYX round lipgloss in Ballerina Pink on top. (The gloss brings out the pink in twig without it being shocking)

Lipgloss: NYX ballerina pink, mark. exotic in rush, mark GBG in girly girl

Nail Colour: none for now

Let me know what you are wearing/using. This is how we continue to try out new products in the hopes of finally fining "the One."


Sara said...

In hopes of finding THE ONE (in all aspects of life) allow me to share with you, T, and your readers.

Shampoo: LUSH Godiva bar

Conditioner: none (gasp! I know! The shea butter in the bar is enough though.)

Styling products: Trying out Suave Professionals extra hold gel, it's okay

Shower Gel: LUSH Godiva or Dove Cream Oil body wash

Body moisturizer: Suave Advance Moisture

Deodorant: Ban roll-on in shower fresh?

Fake Tan: A TON, currently Mario Badescu

Cleanser: 1) LUSH Coalface, 2) MAC Cleansing Oil when needed, 3) Mario Badescu Glycolic Cleanser a few times a week

Toner: MB Special Cucumber lotion on breakouts

Exfoliator: the Coalface and my scrubby facial brush do the trick

Primer: None.

Foundation brush: Trying out ELF Studio line powder brush. LOVE. You NEED this in your life. 75 cents.

Concealer: ELF Studio concealer/highlighter duo

Powder: MAC Studio Fix <3 (looking for a drugstore dupe if anyone's savvy)

Blush: ELF Studio blush in pink and their bronzer/blush duo

Bronzer: MAC mineralize blush in Nuance

Highlighter: the ELF highlighter from above or MAC Perfect Topping

Eyeshadow base: MB Ceramide eye gel, ELF Studio base/sealer duo (can you tell I just made a haul?)

Eyeshadows: NYX trios are really nice, as is the CQ taupe I bought

Eyeliner: HiP kohls. They're the only thing I've used since January.

Curler: ELF lash curler. Rave x2.

Mascara: I keep using Great Lash Big although I don't love it that much.

Lipstick: Maybelline Color Sensational (BOGO this week at Walgreens)

Lipgloss: I suppose you could call Starry Lip Therapy a gloss. Also, Yes to Carrots lip butter in Carrot is love.

Nail Colour: WNW Craze in Morbid

Missed you while you were out! Hope you had a great time! xoxo

Recessionista! said...

It's so interesting to read what someone else is using. :) This gave me lots of new ideas for things to try. Also, I'm sooo curious what you liked and didn't like about the Prestige mascara. Mascara's such a tough thing to recommend because everyone's lashes and needs are so different. You know what I mean? :)

T said...

Sara! thank you for including what you are using. You make the Lush shampoo sound soo good. I am trying to think about a dupe for MAC studio fix...hmm, the mark powder is nice, although it doesn't offer the exact same amount of coverage and studio fix. I remember really loving everyday minerals foundation in intensive because it did the same thing as studio fix without the breakout. Unfortunately, it was not portable since it is loose. Palladio Wet/Dry powder foundation has nice coverage, and they have testers at Sally's beauty supply. Oh, and NYX has the twin cake powder foundation, but that is more medium coverage. Plus, it isn't readily accessible. Tell me more about the kohls. Why do you like them so much?

R, I find the brush too fat and tightly packed so it doesn't grab my lashes as effectively. Also, it clumps a little on me. Interestingly, this doesn't fatten as much as it lengthens on me. I will continue to use it, but I probably won't get it again. You are right; mascara is personal. However, I like to try them all. But always know that I trust your reviews.

marisol said...

I stole this tag =)

I am really looking forward to using the Costco makeup wipes.

Anonymous said...

Hey T, Mami here at home listening to Luther Vandross and reading your thoughts. Backatcha gorgeous, I LOVE IT when you visit and invade my sweet, huge bed... now that there is "extra company" what a delight it is. Cheeks and The-Girl complete the sweet soiré. Love you from here to the MilkyWay and back.

T said...

Marisol, I saw your list. We have some product in common, and you have some that sound delish.

Love you too, Queen.

Elbertina said...
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