Sunday, August 30, 2009

Long lashes that can compete with the fake lashes on True Blood?

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Okay, so I don't know about the rest of the world, but in the US vampires are totally taking over. It's crazy that they are all over the movies and TV. I haven't gotten too into the fad. I mean, I am not sporting any fangs or anything, and I am not asking anyone to bite me. However, I have been really into the Sookie Stackhouse novels and True Blood, which airs on HBO. The show is now into the second season, and some things have changed from the first season. For instance, the makeup. Since the beginning of the season I have noticed an influx in false lashes. Not just enhancing false lashes, I mean the super dramatic false lashes, and all the women are wearing them. I understand the concept of TV makeup, but these lashes are so very distracting. They look like the lashes that are shown on mascara commercials (Okay, can we talk about that too? Seriously, how in the hell do they justify fake lashes on a mascara commercial). I mean, the lashes they use are so long they virtually touch the top of the brows. Anyway, after seeing these lashes on the show, I got motivated to try out some lengthening mascaras.

First, I tried an Ulta one, and that was pure crap. In fact, it just went straight into the trash. Then, I tried Maybelline XXL extensions XX-treme length mascara. I have been wearing this mascara off and one for the past month, and I really do like it. This mascara does add a great amount of length, it holds curl, I can layer without much clumping, and I have not experienced any flaking, nor smudging. I also really like the second step brush. I say "second" because this mascara is a two-step process. First you coat your lashes with a microfiber primer, and then you coat your lashes with the further lengthening mascara part.

The primer is kind of easy to work with. I have to be careful to not overwhelm the lashes, when applying it. The primer brush can deposit a little too much white stuff, so make sure the brush isn't saturated. The primer really is the core of the lengthening process because of the little fibers that attach and extend the lash. Curiously, Maybelline call the first step "the tamer," but they should call it "the extender."

The second part of the mascara application is pretty easy; just swipe on. However, I have to make sure I cover all of the white primer. Really, the most troublesome part is making sure to cover all of the primed lashes well so that no white shows through. Other than that, good to go. Now, I will say that since this is a two-step mascara, it might not be the best mascara for on-the-go. It does take time to make sure to get cover the lashes in its entirety. Oh, and the mascara does look gray in combination with primer.

Now, let's get to the title. Does this compete with the false lashes on True Blood? No, of course not, but it most definitely lengthens the lashes. I am incredibly satisfied with this mascara, and I would definitely buy it again. It truly does add a VAVOOM quality to the eyes. In fact, I am really enjoying just wearing this mascara without any shadow or liner. Well played, Maybelline. You tugged at my purse strings again.

Rating: 5 out of 5 happy wallets. (It takes some time to make sure the primer doesn't show through, but I deem it worthy because the length is great.)

Price: $6-$7, I can't remember, but it is in this range.

eye without Maybelline Colossal
no mascara, bare lashes

Maybelline XXL extension mascara
VaVoom! Pardon the messy brows.

Maybelline XXL extension mascara

Has anyone else tried this mascara? Thoughts? Any other recs for a lengthening mascara?


ndoodles said...

Yay for long, luscious, & curly lashes. Yeah, it doesn't take a genius to realize those lashes are false on those commercials. REALLY people!

T said...

I know, ndoodles. I thought the companies got in trouble for doing this, but I guess I am wrong. It is annoying. The Pulse Perfection adds are ridiculous.

marisol said...

Wow your lashes look great! I will have to look for this mascara once I run out of the one I am using. Currently I am using Mally Roncal's and I really like it. Gives me length and doesn't flake.

I think when i first noticed the lashes it was on Jessica. There is one scene where she looks gorgeous!

Don't you think Bill's make up has gotten pretty bad over the run of the season? He was much better looking in the beginning. Maybe Eric's hotness makes him look less attractive. hahaha

Adrianna said...

Loves it! I love mascara, I can go without wearing make-up and just wear mascara and some blush and its amazing how it changes my look!
thanks for the review!

The Grrl

T said...

I hear ya, The Grrl. I hear ya. I think you would love this one.

Marisol, I totally agree about Bill's makeup. Who is/are the makeup artist(s)? They have their good days and bad days. It really isn't consistent. The same thing happens with Eric. His face is pale and then his hands look more alive. Actually this week, when Bill was in the "day room" with the Queen he looked alive from the neck down. Sooo. I don't. Plus, I don't like Bill's hair being so dark either.
I can talk about this forever.

PrincessDiana said...

I really liked this mascara too. I also had trouble covering up all of the white primer, but everything else was great

Syeda Tooba Naqvi said...

Hi, for some reason this mascara didn't work for me i hate it!

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Thankyouu.. please dont hesitate to leave a comment on my blog :)