Saturday, July 4, 2009

Quick Tip! Happy 4th

Hi beautiful readers (yeah you, I am talking to you!),

Just a quick tip, don't forget to let go of the firecracker after lighting it. Don't forget to run away from the fireworks after presenting it with fire, and don't grab a sparkler by the hot end (learned that the hard way).

Also, really enjoying the Sally Girl bronzer in "Sin-namon." It is a browninsh, orangey color. I know it doesn't should nice, but it gives my skintone a nice glow. There is also a touch of shimmer to it. The powder is less than $2 at Sally's.

I am going to do a review of my favorite economical brushes soon, too. I feel inspired. All I have to do is bribe Cheeks McGee to give me some time to do it.

Have a lovely day

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