Monday, July 20, 2009

my lashes can fan a fire

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So, I have been on a mascara kick. I am even revisiting ones I had tried before. Now in the rotations is Cover Girl's Fantastic Lash waterproof mascara. When I had initially tried this mascara several years ago, I felt "meh" about it. What made me pick up this mascara again? Curiosity, I guess. As it turns out, I am glad I bought it because I really like it. This mascara pretty much does everything is promises. The waterproof formula doesn't budge, the lashes look long and well defined, and my lashes look lush.

The volumizing with this mascara is interesting because the the formula doesn't obviously plump the individual lashes. Instead, it seems to amplify the individual lashes without any clumping. I am doing a crappy job in describing exactly how nicely this mascara volumizes. should I explain this...ok, the mascara coats the lashes to enhance fullness of the lashes as a whole, but it does not overwhelm the lashes with formula. Therefore, the lashes look full and lush without looking fake. Here is the best part, I can layer the mascara and I don't have to use a lash comb to get rid of clumps because this mascara doesn't leave clumps. How crazy is that?! So for full, natural lashes I could just wear one layer, but seriously, I never do that. I like full, obvious lashes, so I apply two to three layers of lashes. With some other mascaras, I have to comb through the lashes after each layer to prevent clumping. With this mascara I can swish, chill, swish, chill, swish, pick up the baby and go. Pretty nice. I think the lack of clumping is because of the semi-thick yet drier formula, which as I have mentioned before is my favorite type of formula.

Also, the brush is a typical shaped brush, but the bristles are shorter and tighter together, which helps to grab as many lashes as possible, and it also lets the brush get close to the lashes. The formula and brush really do make the lashes "fan" out. Oh, and the mascara held my curl pretty well.

Rating: 5 out of 5 happy wallets (no clumping, smudging, holds curl, lengthens and creates a lush look)
Price: $6 to $8 at drugstores

Bare lashes (from a previous review)
eye without Maybelline Colossal

CG Fantastic Lash WP!
Cover Girl fantastic lash WP

Cover Girl fantastic lash WP


Askmewhats said...

wow your lashes definitely can be a fan!!! Such length!!!

T said...

I know, I was surprised. This is a keeper!

Anti-aging Sytropin said...

It looks so natural, like you aren't wearing any mascara at al. There's no clumping!

T said...

Anti-aging, this mascara is definitely a winner. I read somewhere that it is always good to have a waterproof mascara in your bag, so this will be it for me. yay!