Monday, July 27, 2009

Avon brings the word "intensive" to a whole new level

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Several years ago I traveled to Germany during one of the harshest winters in 100 years. The cold was wretched, horrid, treacherous, bitter, and cruel. There were days when the cold would sneak into by mouth, slither inside my lungs and squelch what breath I had. It was so cold that when I covered my face with a scarf, my breath would crystallize on it in a matter of seconds, and this was on the clear days. On the snowy days, the snowflakes would land on my eyelashes, melt my mascara and then the cold air would rapid-freeze the lashes. I would leave the hotel with many lashes and return to the hotel room with just four huge ones.

I thought I could handle cold, but Munich and Fussen (what is the code for the umlaut?) took my courage shattered it and laughed in my face. Needless to say, my skin screamed in pain. It felt stretched, raw, and assaulted by needles. No matter what I put on, I could not ease the sensation of pinpricks. I could not quench the thirst of my desperate skin. My skin wanted to shed tears, but it was too dry to do so. The cold had sucked the soul out of my skin. Damn you, cold weather! Damn you!

If I had only discovered Avon Moisture Therapy Intensive Hand Cream sooner (side note: it says "hand cream," but I put this all over my skin). Holy Hydration! There needs to be an emphasis on "intensive." Had I had this cream during my frigid trip (other than the cold, Germany was lovely), my skin would have rejoiced. Rejoiced, I tell you. This cream is for extremely, extremely dry skin. I mean, really dry skin. This is like aquaphor times 100. This sucker adds moisture and locks it in like a world-class vault. Not even John Dillinger would be able to infiltrate. In addition, take note of the "therapy" description. This cream is so heavy it really isn't for "after-every-time-you-wash-your-hands" use. This cream is strictly for night time or low activity time. Had I owned this while in Germany, I would definitely had spread this all over at night after my bath time, and my skin would have sighed in relief.

Also, a little goes a long way. When I first got this cream, I made the mistake of squeezing out a quarter-size dollop. Man, I was was massaging this into my skin for half an hour, and I was sticky for quite some time after. However, my skin was like a plump grape, as opposed to a dried up raisin. Also, be sure to warm up this cream in your hands because it is difficult to distribute. When the cream is squeezed out of the tube it is a translucent white, thick, aquaphor like substance. Then when rubbed into the skin it turns white, and then goes into the skin. Your skin will quickly show a healthy glow, but it will feel a little coated, hence not for all the time use.
When applied it feels like the cream is sucking all of the available moisture from the air and absorbing it into your skin. Of course, it may be because glycerin is the second ingredient. Oh, and the scent is light and inoffensive. It kind of reminds me of a light, powdery baby scent, but now the cheap kind.

You know, this cream reminds me of the Neutrogena Norwegian cream, but less expensive (from last I checked which was a while back.) When I have massive rough patches, this is my "go-to" cream. My skin thanks this cream in the winter. Most definitely. You know what else thanks this cream? The scholar's elbows. Whoa, nelly! Those elbows get rough and tumble. This cream attacks some of the ash.

So, if you suffer from really, really bad, dry skin, give this a check. Avon sells the cream in various sizes, and they throw the cream on sale on a regular basis.

Rating: 5 out of 5 happy wallets (Remember not for all-the-time use. I continue to use Curel for everyday use, and I use this cream when I need some serious moisture. If you live in a humid climate, you will feel as sticky as a fly trap. )

Price: $1.99-$3.99 (1.5 oz to 4.2 oz), check out my rep's website. Ms Anita is most excellent.

P.S. just a reminder that this review is for the hand cream. Also, thanks to Lovememore for the recommendation


GS said...

Thanks for this review, my skin is ugly and DDRRRYY and I´m not in the cold, I´m in the middle of the Caribbean!! I´ve always seen this in the catalog but never put much attention to it, but next time I see it in a catalog I´m gonna order it.

T said...

GS, check out Curel too, I reviewed it here. Curel is great for everyday wear, and then you can wear Avon's at night after a light exfoliation. I got my 4 oz tube on sale for less than $2, so it is worth a try.
Let me know how it turns out.

Bailey (Makeover Momma) said...

Good to know! I just reviewed a new Avon product today- but have not tried the hand cream. My hands take a serious beating from motherhood, so I'll have to check it out! : )

Elvira said...

Alt 129 gives you the ü and Alt 139 gives you the ï
but you have to use the numbers on your number pad not the ones above your alphabet keys. LOL

I have used this Avon moisturizer in the past and made the same 1st time mistake as you. I think one could cover their entire body in a quarter sized dollop! :-)

T said...

Thanks, Elivra.
Yeah, the first time I used the lotion, it was a total mess.
But my skin was soft for three days. lol.