Thursday, July 9, 2009

At least Maybelline didn't lie to me

After the debacle that is Revlon Ultimate super-stick lips. I went back to a sleeper hit that was hiding in my lipstick drawer: Maybelline Mineral Power Lip color. Hmm, these are comfortable and cozy. Maybelline ensures that these lipsticks are light, smooth, soft, and overall naturally delightful. And, they are. These lipsticks are like mildly pigmented lip balms. They truly are very moisturizing without feeling waxy. They add a tint of color to the lip without being overpowering nor overbearing. These lipsticks really are very pleasant. Did you notice that I am using kind of romantic adjectives: "pleasant," "cozy," "delightful"...? Yeah, these lipsticks remind me of the very delicate damsel who always ends up in distress. These women usually sport a very soft, kissable, healthily glowy, cushiony lip that draws both villains and heroes in.

These lovely lippies just glide on the lip and delicately enhance the lips; the lippies leave a "my lips but better" effect. Even though they go on sheerly, the shades are buildable, however, it will take many layers. These lippies are great for the days when you have bold eyes and you want to play down the lips, or when you want a very natural look.

The texture of the lippies is creamy but light, and slick. It feels like a thin and melted shea or cocoa butter. Since the texture is so light, the staying power isn't crazy long; however, the staying power of the moisture is stellar! My lips felt so soft they could be confused with silk (not really, exactly, but they do feel pretty soft) long after the color has disappeared. Plus, when I have the lipstick on, it doesn't feel like I am wearing anything heavy, which is so nice when I want to look like a natural-makeup-wearing-damsel-in-distress (this occurs at least twice a month). Oh and no overpowering smell, either.

I bought three shades when they were on sale. I am satisfied with these three colors, since I have only started to venture into the world of sheer lipsticks. I tend to like more pigmented formulas, but this is very excellent for the natural days that I have been embracing more often.

If you aren't really heavy into lipstick, then this is a nice introduction.

Rating: 5 out of 5 happy wallets (lives up to the description. Very nice and moisturizing. I love how my lips feels afterwards).
Price: about $5 to $7 dollars depending on drugstore

maybelline mineral power lip
Ruby doesn't really match the name. It is not as bright as I would think with the name Ruby. As a matter of fact, on the lips I get Ruby and Sienna confused. However, Sienna does have a little more orange than Ruby.

maybelline mineral lip swatches
These swatches are several coats of the lipcolors so that they can show up. They are quite sheer, but, again, buildable. Plum wine is my fave of the three.


Elaine said...

I just might have to try these, the descriptions were so nice , they sound like they are right down my alley.

Askmewhats said...

wow glad to read your reviews, and I'm glad affordable lipsticks does the job!

T said...

Hi Ladies,
Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised.
Elaine, I agree. I think you will like these. They are very natural.

Me too, Nikki, me too!

Elaine said...

I did it, i tried this out & i love it, T, you really know your stuff!

T said...

yay, Elaine!
Unfortunately, I think these may be discontinued. Boo hiss.