Friday, June 19, 2009

What Not to Wear will not surprise me (I hope...)

I love makeover ambush shows. They are dangerous to my productivity. If a show is on and I happen to catch it, forget the dirty laundry. I am going to have to go to Walmart or Target to get spare undies because the dirty ones will just have to wait to be washed. Now, even though I am addicted to makeover shows, I really don't want to be the person nominated. If I am on the show I hope it is because I have volunteered myself.

Anyway, many of the shows have the perfunctory overworked mom with time for everyone but herself. The women always walk around in beat up pants, their husbands' torn up shirts, the 1980s scrunchy. They also smell of spit-up, cheerios, cleats sweat, and Elmer's glue. Then after several days of humiliation, which leads the women to "embrace their inner female again," viola! The women are converted to MILFs.

Even though I have only been a mother for approximately 11 weeks, I have stuck in my head that I don't want to completely lose myself in Cheeks McGee (feh-feh's new blog nickname. His cheeks are so big, they are too heavy for his face.). I mean Mr. Cheeks has already dictated my sleeping schedule, staked claim on my boobs, marked his territory by peeing on me, and caused striations on my torso. Not only all of this, but he has stolen my heart and has provided enough cause to constantly worry about his future simply due to his cuteness. What more can he do? A lot more; however, he will not take away the power of makeup. Even if I just have time for lipstick and clear mascara, I will not give up the joy that is applying makeup. Before Cheeks was here, I could easily spend two hours on my face. Now, I have application timed to 9-10 minutes. Granted, there are some days where only one eye is done, but hey I am not perfect. Cheeks may spit up and slobber on my handiwork even before the mascara is dry, but at least I have set aside 10 minutes to do something for me.

This dedication to makeup may sound trivial now that I have another life depending on me, but I have to take care of myself in order to take care of Cheeks and the Scholar. It is important to feel pretty because that nourishes the confidence, and I need the confidence to fight the world and protect my cub. Sure, sure there are people who say that you don't have to feel pretty to get confidence, and that is true. However, I only speak for myself. When I feel put together, I feel like I can conquer the world.

So this morning I timed myself to be sure this was truly a 10 minute face. I had some interruptions for which I stopped the timer, but all in all, I was quite surprised that I was able to manage a full face in just 10 minutes. It isn't a crazy creative eye, but at least I won't cower in a corner if I happen to come across Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies) or Eric from True Blood (holla if you watch True Blood!).

So here are the ingredients and brief reviews on some of the products. I listed in order of usage.

10 minute face ingredients
MAC 217 brush--Marlena from Makeupgeek said all makeup lovers should have this brush, and she wasn't lying. You could do a full eye look with this beauty. I have yet to find a good dupe for it. Although rumor has it that Sigma makeup is coming out with one. I use the 217 for the base color on lid and the contour.

Loew-Cornell 1/4 maxine mop brush--a stiff but soft semi-detail brush. This is actually an art brush, but it works excellently for the eye work. I have two of these brushes I love it so much. I like to use this brush for defined contour and the smudged liner look. This brush can be found at Michael's.

Bare Essentials Concealer brush--nice, solid, wide concealer brush. Great for undereyes

ELF Powder Brush--crazy, friggin' awesome brush for just $3 on the ELF website. This brush has synthetic bristles, is super soft, has not shed on me, gives really lovely full coverage when used with a powder foundation. Does excellent blending. Has a slight chemical smell (I imagine the dye), but that dissipates eventually. I bought a second one of this brush. Helloo!

Sigma Makeup SS109 brush--Very nice buy. I was really wanting the MAC 109 after hearing that it was great for applying liquid foundation. When I went to get it, because I had not found a dupe, MAC was sold out. Luckily, I heard that Sigma Makeup was about to release the SS109, which is almost identical to the MAC 109. The Sigma version is a little rounder from what I understand, and it is not stellar with liquid foundation application (it sheds), but it is a gem when contouring the face (precise, blends well, doesn't shed with dry products). I have also started to use it for blush application. I believe it is only $14, nice price!

ELF regular line spoolie, or mascara brush--it's $1, basic. I use it to blend the brow pencil and comb the brows. This particular brush is firm and sturdy, so use a gently hand when combing.

Eyes--3 minutes

Maybelline Expert eyeshadow in Browntones duo: great neutral shadows. Light brown and accompanying deeper, cool brown. Very close to my NC40 skintone, so it works really well for a subtle-contour-but-still-natural eye. The pigmentation is better than excepted for maybelline (they show up, but they don't look unnatural), nice staying power, has a very low shimmer to them. Very low shimmer. Soft formula.

Wild n' Crazy eyeshadow in Mad Raven--one of the hits. A nicely pigmented black shadow that I use as a smudged liner. I apply with the Loew-Cornell brush very close to the lash line just to thicken the lashes. Pretty much a matte color. A very, very, very slight glimmer of shimmer, but almost not there.

Styli-Style line and seal 24 liner in black--Several other lovely bloggers have reviewed this pencil. This pencil works very well on the upper lash line for tightlining. I also use this liner on the bottom lash line, very close to the waterline, but not on the waterline.

mark. Make it Big mascara in Raven--Love/Hate relationship with this mascara. Big, thick brush, dryish formula. I like the dry formula, the brush is nice, just doesn't initially provide the volume I want. Interestingly, I prefer the mascara after it has been opened for several weeks. The formula seems to stick better.

Base/Cheeks-5 minutes

Base/foundation--I apply after the eyes to avoid fallout complications, although the Maybelline shadow does not have fallout. I use the Everyday Minerals foundation with my ELF studio line brush. This foundation provides full coverage at half the time of the Revlon colorstay, plus I don't have to wash my hands after application. I also use this foundation as concealer. If I have time or need more help I grab the Maybelline coverstick in Deep Beige.

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty inspired by Carmindy Blush in Poppy.
Mouthful! Let's just call it Carmindy. This is a lovely, very highly pigmented blush. The color is a deep, pink raspberry with a touch of luminous shimmer. This gives off a great flushed look. It does not change color throughout the day, and the shimmer doesn't really get all over the place because it is so subtle. Great buy, even though I do find Carmindy annoying.

mark. mist opportunity facial spray
Since I wear a powder foundation, I like to meld everything together with a mister. Mark.'s is excellent. The smell is a little plasticy at first, but that goes away. I also find this spray to be very moisturizing. Instead of looking powdery and unnatural, I look glowy.

Brows (finally!)--1-2 minutes
Maybelline Define-a-brow in dark brown--This is a very solid, dark brown. There are no hints of red in it, which is great for me. Very find point, twists up, a little goes a long way, stays put. Very easy to use. A holy grail item. I have bought it repeatedly. I will say that it does only last about 1.5 months.

ELF Lash and Brow Clear mascara--basic clear gel for brows. A two-sided tube the offers a clear gel for the lash and brows. The brow brush is shorter than the lash brush. I cannot tell the difference between either gels. They both are effective at keeping the brows in place.

As far as the lips, I just use the gloss in my purse, which is a reddish/pink tone. In these pictures, I am just wearing Aquaphor.

And that is all.

End product!
10 minute face and cheeks mcgee


What is your 10 minutes face?
Any tips?
Any requests for more in depth reviews, drop a line, let me know!


Neelia476 said...

Girl, that's a great 10 minute face! You look awesome! I really need to practice my 10 minute face! Mine is a lot longer than that!

T said...

Lol, thanks Neelia. It tooks lots of practice. I love to take longer.

Tanya @ The Pink Train Case said...

What a pretty 10 minute face :) I really love that blush!! I totally need to work on my 10 minute face...which is more like a 20 minute face (granted I'm doing about 10 other things at the same time- watching tv, checking email/facebook, eating breakfast)...

T said...

IT is a lovely blush. I really like it and I have been wearing it very often. We women are always multitasking. Aren't we? ;-)

beautifulmonday said...

you look radiant! so impressive. i need to get myself down to 10 minutes just as an exercise in self-discipline. i usually take about 15 minutes on a workday and on weekends it varies highly. if i'm going out with the Hubster, i spend like an hour playing with my look.

~Laura r

Elvira said...

That's a great 10 min face! The blush is perfect for you. I still spend 30 min getting ready in the AM. I just wake up earlier. LOL. Don't worry. the first year w/ a bay is like bootcamp. It get's easier. :-)

T said...

hey Elvira! Thanks for the compliment and the ray of hope. Babies are fun but demanding ;-)

Laura, thank you! I think 15 minutes is great! Work it, girl!

Anonymous said...

Hey T,
This is Mom Fierce, I need to know how to get your blog as soon as you do it. Cheeks is looking just plain beautiful and you even more so. If that is your 10-min face. Beba, I'd love to see the one-hour one. You are looking "mahvelous."
I love you from here to the Milky-Way and back.