Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We have a Winner!

The drawing transpired on a Saturday evening. The names were written on little pieces of paper. The papers were expertly folded so that no one could see the name. Then The Scholar was solicited to pick the winning name. He was watching the Nationals lose again (or one of those sports teams) so he was open to taking a break from the heartache.

As he closed his eyes tightly and looked away, I vigorously shook the bowl because that is what one does. Then the scholar, eyes still shut and looking away, put his hand in the bowl and grabbed a piece of paper. This process was absolutely exhilarating. Who was going to win? Whose name was one the paper? We were sweating with anticipation. Even little Feh-Feh was quiet (and this little baby can make some noise). Curiously, at the same time that I was about to open the piece of paper, the faint sound of a drum roll resonated from a distance. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrAH

And the winner of the elusive Sonia Kashuk Skunk Brush is the lucky Laura R!!
Congratulations, Laura R!!!

To the other participants, thank you so much for your excitement! No worries, this contest thing is fun, and I will be doing another one soon.

BTW, I went by the Target again, and the Skunk brushes were GONE. They didn't even have an open space for them. CRAZY!

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laura r said...

LOL! what a great telling of an intense moment. ;)

wv: peducce!