Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nice KaPOW, but not worth the walk of shame

I love voluminous eyelashes, and L'oreal's new mascara promised me lush lashes. Did they fulfill the promise? Yeah, for the most part, but the mascara brought along some other baggage that I don't really appreciate.

I mean, really, I want the lush lashes, but I don't want people to say, "Wow, lush lashes, but check out the dark circles. Sleep much?" when they look at me. Instead I want people to say, "Wow, that woman has some lush lashes. Is she batting her lashes at me? Wait, what is this feeling running through me? Hmm, put a fork in me, I am done. That woman's lashes have seduced me to the core." Then the people, enchanted by my seductive, lush lashes, offer me all of the makeup of the world. Bwhahaha. (You have now learned my plot to conquer the makeup world.)

Unfortunately, L'oreal Extra Volume Collagen mascara in Blackest Black can cause the former reaction. This new mascara comes in a lovely, sleek tube. It looks very chichi, too bad I can't sport the tube on my eyes. The brush is a throwback brush. Forget the spikey, rubbery, jabbing plastic brush; Extra Volume sports a mildly thick "teddy bear" brush. The bristles are long, and plentiful. In addition, the brush has the much appreciated pointed tip, which is vital to get the corner lashes. I would best describe this brush as overzealous at grabbing lashes. It takes its job so seriously that it can grab too many lashes in sections and clump them together. Yes, this brush can create some clumps, and let's keep it real: clumps do not equal volume. After applying one coat I have to go over the lash with a lash comb.

As for the formula, well...Formula is a matter of preference. I tend to like drier mascaras. I feel like I can control them more, and I can just "swipe and go." the Extra Volume formula is dense and creamy. This consistency also lends itself to clumps and tends to smudge during application and hours after application, which is frustrating after the rest of the eye is complete. With this said, however, after all of the maintenance work has subsided (declumping, wiping the brush down a bit before application, second coat, same process, wiping away any mascara marks on lid) this mascara leaves behind a very full lash line, which is excellent. However, several hours later I look like a rolled around in the hay with a stranger in a college dorm room. Then found out I was late for my early Friday morning class, and I rushed out and proceeded to conduct the walk of shame down the all-male dorm hallway. No woman wants to look like she is parading down the hallway of shame, and not many women want to flaunt a bawdy affair by way of smudged mascara. Granted, bawdy affairs can be excellent, but we don't have to show exactly how earth-shattering it was. And if we want to show how insane the night was, there are other ways to show it, like say...I don't know...leaving a shoe behind or writing a telling message on the mirror with a lipstick (although that would be a waste of lipstick). Hell, I'll even take smudged lipstick before I take smudged mascara.

Anyway, back to the mascara (do you see the sexual power lush lashes have?), Extra Volume provides extra volume, but it also provides extra dark circles and hassle during application. Now, let me say one thing: L'Oreal mascaras do tend to smudge on me for some reason. So, if you have had luck with L'oreal Voluminous (the consistency of Extra Volume kind of reminds me of Voluminous) then try this out when it is on sale. However, if L'oreal or creamy mascaras smudge on you then...try it out with some corrector nearby just in case, or just walk away.

3 out of 5 happy wallets (great lush factor, poopy stay on quality)
Price: $6-$8 found at drugstores, big box stores


See? Creamy...

two coats

two coats


Recessionista! said...

OMG you nailed it! I am officially calling this mascara "Walk of Shame". lol!! Too perfect and that's exactly what it did to me after about 4 hrs. Argh! And I can also see, in your pics, that it did that same I mentioned in my review--it leaves little balls of product on the tips of your lashes. NOT a lovely look that I want to sport on a regular basis, thank you very much. I swear your reviews have me cracking up for days! :)

Recessionista! said...

You know I had to add this post to my weekly roundup! :)

Elvira said...

LMAO @ walk of shame.
Of course I have no idea what you are talking about, but I could imagine it being quite shameful and such. LOL Right!
Well I guess I'll stick w/ what I have for now, but like you. I can't resist trying a new mascara.