Monday, June 8, 2009

Hmm...I'd thought you'd be cooler

I didn't date a lot in college, but I did crush a lot--and by "crush a lot" I don't mean the Big Pun way (meaning sex), I mean the regular school girl way (see a person, find attractive, think about what the children will look like, run away when crush is seen). I made crushing on guys a hobby, I would change crushes like I changed my underwear: every day, except during exam time. I preferred to have crushes as opposed to actually going out on dates. As many of us know, dates are troublesome, at least they were for me. Half of the time, I was so nervous my digestive system would overact and I would have to clench my butt cheeks so that I didn't fart all over the place. After a series of dating episodes my digestive system suffered, and I still am recuperating. Dating...all it got me was a surplus of calories from eating out and overactive gas.

Now, with crushing, well, this was just easier on my digestive system, and it was a great inspiration for my imagination. When I was bored, all I needed to do was create a scenario with a crush. This fantasy would help me get by in my more boring class. Interestingly enough, my fantasies weren't comparable to skinemax. They were more like Jane Austen novels. My fantasies would merge the beautiful faces with the beautiful minds. I think this is why I would run away from crushes when I saw my crushes; I had a sneaking suspicion that they were dolts. Why ruin the fantasy?

I vividly remember two encounters with two crushes (usually my crushes were just people I saw on the street, bars, or in classes). The differences were incredibly different. The first memorable encounter happened during my senior year in college. I had been eyeing this really great looking man. I used to see him out at bars. I would just stare at him, but I never mustered the guts to actually approach him. Plus, he was always surrounded by people. I used to imagine him coming over and talking to me. He stimulating my brain with opinions on current events, etc. Well, one night while I was out with some friends, I saw him at one of the bars. I noticed that we looked at each other all night. At the end of the night before I left again with just my dreams, he approached me and said that he liked my chartreuse sweater (he was an interior designer). We also exchanged numbers. We went out on one date. This encounter was confirmation it was not always good to actualize my crushes. This guy was a disappointment. His voice grated my ears, his conversation was lacking, and he was quite weird. There went that crush; there went those dreams. Time to move on! All of that effort to look inconspicuous while absorbing his features wasted.

I feel the same way about the Mixed Chicks Products. The Mixed Chicks products are hair products that are meant for curly hair. The products were created by two women of interracial descent. For years they struggled with finding products that worked to tame and define curls. I understand this struggle. There were times when I used three, four, sometimes five hair products to keep my curls in check. The buildup was crazy! After many years, I managed to find the right ingredients, and I was able to narrow the number of products to two. Both items found at discount stores (Aussie Deep and Suave gel, the green one).

Even though, I found the perfect mixture for my hair. I developed a crush on the Mixed Chicks products several years ago after first hearing about them. I would constantly visited the website and look at the before and after pictures. Mixed Chicks has three main products: the shampoo, the deep conditioner, and the star product, the leave-in conditioner. The leave-in conditioner promises to eliminate all excess products. All a curly-haired person needs is this one product. The leave-in does it all: condition, style, eliminate frizz. I would read the testimonials time and time again. The testimonial raved, the curls inspired angels. I really wanted to try the products, but I just couldn't make the final step. That was until recently. One day, I visited the site and took the plunge.

I decided to order the bundle, which included the shampoo, deep conditioner, and the leave-in for about $39. This is a splurge. the leave-in alone costs $17. Typically, I wouldn't pay that much for a hair products, but my crush was so intense!
I received these goodies, and immediately imagined lovely, perfectly defined curls. Well, the products did deliver very nice curls, my hair did feel hydrated, but...meh. Maybe my expectation were too high, maybe my crush too intense. There was something missing. I think it is the fact that the price is high, but the delivery fell short.

The shampoo and deep conditioner are good, but there is nothing special. My hair doesn't feel any different than when I use my Aussie or Garnier products. Now, as far as the leave-in. Well, this was really "meh." I liked how the leave-in conditioner defined the curls, and I like the use of just one product. However, I really don't like the smell of the conditioner. I don't get it, the shampoo and deep conditioner smell lovely and fruity. However, the leave-in conditioner smells musky and manly, which is fine, but I don't want to smell like a man all the time. Sometimes is fine, but not all the time; I have to be in the mood. In addition, the leave-in has to be used in moderation. Go overboard and my hair would feel coated/clumpy and it would take forever to dry. It took me awhile to figure out exactly how much to apply. The catch-22 is that I would have to use more product when my hair au natural, which is when my hair felt super coated. I have recently chemically processed my hair, and I need less, which is perfect because the drying time is less, and the smell is able to dissipate. In addition, I am not feeling the price of the leave-in at all. I don't want to shell out $17 for a 10 oz. every two months, which I can buy Suave hair gel for $3 and it lasts twice as long. Just like the outcome with my aforementioned crush, my excitement for the product fell hard. As a matter of fact, I rarely use this product. It really isn't my favorite. Well, at least I know that i don't have to shell out the mad cash to replenish these goods. I will use it up, but it will take some time.

2.5/3 out of 5 happy wallets (The performance isn't worth the price in my opinion. Granted, there aren't many "one product can do it all" goods at the drugstore, but creative alternative can be found. Plus, I like to customize my combination depending on how my hair is acting. Right now, I like Aussie Deep with Suave gel. I also have fund with Salon Selectives Hydralicious conditioner with Sauve gel. Sometimes, I like to use Body Shop's cottonseed gel. See what I mean. I like to mix and match, which I can't really do with the Mixed Chicks leave-in. The shampoo and deep condition aren't anything special either, at least for me. The 2.5/3 is because it does define, but whatever, other products do the same.)

Where to find:
Price: Leave-in-$16.99, Shampoo-$11.99, Deep Conditioner-$10.99, or Bundle of three-$38.33

By the way, the other encounter with my crush led to marriage and a baby. It is funny how things turn out. I am glad this crush approached me because it has made me a happy woman.

Zee hair:
First day hair. Second day holds up okay.


Erin said...

My experience with MixedChicks was almost identical. I had so much anticipation upon finding a product that we made "just for me"-- only to find I still needed to use a combination of things to get my hair looking it's best. I've moved on Curl Friends products. They have a variety of items for different kinds of curls-- I rely on the control gel and the shampoo/conditioner. Best part is that they have a 50% off sale on their website at least once a month so it's easy on the wallet. Check it out!

sel said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, and I have to say this is the BEST POST I have ever read!!! Glad to know I'm not the only one who plays what I affectionately refer to as "the crush game" and glad it had such a happy ending for you! love the blog! xoxo

T said...

Erin, I am glad that my experience wasn't isolated. Oh well. moving on. I will check out Curl friends. I have heard of the product.

Sel, thank you so very much for the compliment! Oh the crush game, so much fun. The chase! Come back and visit anytime!