Monday, May 11, 2009

"Oh wow! I had this?"

For those who have visited, you might have encountered the sudden urge to buy many things that are raved about. The boards are the ultimate enabling machine for the makeup lover/shoppaholic. When I frequented the site and lived in Northern Virginia, I would rush to the metro after work, ride the train to Pentagon City and shop Sephora and MAC. Then, I would stop by CVS, which was about two block away from my adorable condo and shop some more. I swear my collection grew exponentially during those two years. For those who have not visited the website, proceed with caution, it can be dangerous.

Anyway, now I am not such a voracious makeup shopper because I no longer visit the boards on Makeupalley. I still like to shop, but I am no longer filled with the anxiety of needing a lipstick right now, which is what the website caused.

Where am I going with this? Well, I have a lot of makeup. I have drawers full (I do periodically purge, I don't think Queen Fierce has bought a lipstick in years.). So, more often than not, I rediscover what I have, and I like to explore exactly why I bought it. Then I regret not using it more.

As mentioned before, I have been on a foundation kick, hardcore. Last week, I was looking at my foundation compartment, and I came across Cover Girl's Aquasmooth compact (This is the advanced radiance version, but it is the same as the regular version.). I have been using Aquasmooth off and on since it came out. I have successfully used up several of these compacts, which is a huge feat considering all of the foundations I have.

Aquasmooth is a cream-to-powder foundation that offers medium to full coverage. This foundation leaves a matte finish, and it glides on the face. This foundation works best for normal to very mild oily skin. Aquasmooth will absolutely cling to dry skin, and it will slip off super oily skin. When I was younger I had super oily skin so I would constantly fight with this foundation, but I just loved the coverage so much I would insist on wearing it. Now the foundation is perfect for me because I have more normal/combo skin.

What I love so much about this foundation is the coverage, the matte finish, the ease of application, and the ease of removing it. I love full coverage, matte foundations. I don't know why, but I always gravitate towards this type of foundation. I always wonder what the point of sheer foundation is because people who wear sheer already have perfect skin, so...
When this foundation is swiped on, all of my imperfections temporarily stop existing. My dark circles, my hyper pigmentation, and my existing pimples are all gone. These erasures are possible in less than five minutes. Swipe and Blend, done!

What I don't love about this foundation is the faint smell when spreading on the face. The foundation smells like vitamins; it does dissipate, but still. I also don't like the hugeness of the compact. So big, so awkward. Oh and finally, this foundation does leave a white cast in pictures. I wouldn't recommend this for photo events.

As far as shades go, Cover Girl has yet to decide on a decent range, but i have lucked out. Soft Honey is a great shade for my NC 35-40 complexion.

Even though this foundation has some flaws, I am still enjoy it. In fact, I enjoy this foundation so much that I have two backups of it, and I don't regret having them. Actually, it is the only backup I have. This is an oldie but goody.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 happy wallets
Price: $6-8 at drugstores and big box stores

bare face
No makeup!

cg aquasmooth in soft honey
CG Aquasmooth in Soft Honey (not photo friendly, but not the coverage)


Askmewhats said...

I know what you mean about non-photo friendly products but it gives a great coverage :)

fatbottmdgrl said...

This has been HG for me for many years, lately I have tried many, many other foundations. But somehow I always return to this one, doesn't make me too oily, covers the flaws and wears well.

T said...

so true FBG, so true. I applied this foundation with a 187 dupe, and it still looks good.

The coverage is awesome, Nikki. I love heavy coverage.