Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Goldilocks meets the mad Scientist

the collection

Inside my head in the drugstore makeup aisle...

"hmmm...I have been wanting to try this foundation, what shade works?

I could go home and just research shades before buying.

Seriously, I feel like I am channeling Veruca, I want it now. Damn, I really love that movie. The tunnel scene still freaks me out, though. Yum, Wonka gobstoppers, I gotsa get me some of that.

Okay, let's see...these two shades look about right. It is BOGO. I can always return it...
I am gonna do it. these two foundations work...

I could just splurge and go to a counter, but that isn't as much fun. Plus, they never match me right. I love drugstores..."

And this is how I end up with a vast collection of foundations in varying shades. I rarely end up returning the foundation if it doesn't work. (Luckily, the shades are pick are very close, it is a matter of winter vs. summer shades.) In fact, I have only returned the Rimmel foundations because those just really couldn't work.

Instead of returning the foundations, I just mix different shades and formulas depending on what I want. Sometimes, when I feel frisky, I even add luminizers. I even have a mixing spatula, a mat and designated bowls. I really love mixing the different promises for perfection. It reminds me of my art class when we had to recreate the color of the sky. There we were looking at a picture of the sky. It looked blue. We all went to grab the tube of blue oil paint. Then the instructor said, "no, this is not just a plain blue sky. In fact, you will rarely just add a color straight from the tube. You must make your own colors. Look at the layers, peel them apart. This is complex. You are not 3 year olds anymore. Your lack of vision disgusts me (she really didn't say the last part)." So we discussed the colors we saw in the sky. As it turns out the sky had black, brown, yellow, purple, mauve, magenta, fuchsia, and...wait for Ahh, that was a fun class. That one lesson of mixing the colors, working with textures, and swishing the thick paints on a palette really enhanced my experience and stimulated my senses. I really liked seeing the color transformations before my eyes. I love hearing the squish of the paint being mushed together. Therefore, I recreate this sensation when I mix my foundations to get just the right color.

I don't necessarily get the same squish because I mostly deal with liquids, but I see the color transformation. I feel like a rebel mixing these different finishes and formulas because a while back I had heard that this was a no-no. Whatever. It is a YES-YES. Right now, my favorite mix is Maybelline Mineral Power liquid foundation in Light beige with Revlon Colorstay in Natural Tan. The ration is 1:2. The mixture lightens up the heaviness of the Revlon, and the Maybelline adds a luminescence. Sometimes I add a hint of moisturizer, or a touch of mark. glow xpert in candle glo. I have also mixed EDM mineral foundation in Buttered tan with Colorstay for a touch more yellow. I could just get one color in the tube by paying more, but honestly, the higher priced foundations lack the element of self-invention. Usually the end result is agreeable, and I feel better about making a dent in my collection.

Therefore, I encourage you to mix your misfit foundations, you might just find the holy grail! I also encourage you to share what you like to mix.

The Mad Scientist
mad scientists always have mad hair, right?
Will it combust?

ACK! attacked by errant foundation

p.s. let me know if you want a review of any of the foundations you noticed.


Teresa said...

Omg! Love the pics!! I love mixing foundations, esp when I have a bunch of them that the color isn't right on it's own. I have a L'Oreal HIP foundation in Sand that is too dark on its own, but when mixed it adds yellow that I often need.

T said...

exactly, Teresa! ;-) It is just fun and useful, better mixing than collecting dust.

beautifulmonday said...

LOVE this entry, because I completely relate to mixing concoctions as a teen. and i am bad at painting but could mix colours alllll day. those photos are the BOMB!

Elaine said...

ummm, I always loved the tunnel scene, too.

But Veruca was a bitch...well, they were all nasty except for Charlie!

CheapChick said...

Oh my gosh, why have I never thought of this? I have a Rimmel foundation and a Maybelline one just sitting here because they're too dark. Wait- I also have a Colorstay that's too light. How did this not dawn on me? I'm so excited to try this tomorrow! Thanks!!