Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ELF mini makeup kit...It's like eating a kumquat

ELF open

Let me ask this: why is it that we buy sour patch gummies, when all we have to do is eat a kumquat? Granted it is the reverse of a sour patch: sweet first, sour later, but still the element of surprise and pleasure is there. Why am I talking about sour patches and kumquats? I don't know, wait, yes...encountering the ELF mini makeup kit was like the first time I tasted a kumquat.
The first time I saw this beautiful mini fruit. It looked like a tiny, oblong orange. The skin was shiny, tempting, beautiful. I was excited about savoring the explosion of nature's flavors. I had been warned that the inside would be sour, but I really didn't understand what they meant. I bit into the skin of the fruit and I was welcomed by enticing citrusy sugar, then my teeth and taste buds dug deeper into the fruit. OMG, pucker city, pucker city. Still a fun fruit, but the sour after the sweet is just cruel. The same roller coaster of feelings happened when I received my ELF mini makeup kit.

When I received the ELF kit, I was super excited--just like the fruit this kit had sweet possibilities. However, the sweetness disappeared once I opened the case. Instead of being seduced by refreshing colors, I was left with the same scrunchy face I made when I bit into the sour explosion of the kumquat. The shadows looked blah with a side of chunky glitter. The blushes looked like compacted powder with sparkles. At least the lips side looked more promising, but for some reason I just wasn't thoroughly enjoying the kit. Even though I was initially disappointed with the kit, I decided to reserve some judgment after the trial. Well, today I figured I would do a full face using just this kit and it would end up impressing me. I mean, ELF has impressed me before after the second impression. However, this kit did not make the effort to wow me. In fact, my eye looked like a hot mess, and I immediately wiped everything off. I just looked like I put glitter on my eyes and cheeks. The darker green color looked muddy from the get go. The shadows just didn't have enough pigmentation. All of this was done with eye brushes.

I will say that the saving grace was, again, the lip side. The lip glosses/sticks are nice. They don't have a peculiar taste/scent, they are moisturizing, blend easily and are pigmented. This kit costs $15, I got it on sale for half the price. ELF sometimes throws sales where they give the kit away for free with purchase. Ladies and gentlemen, don't waste your money buying this. If you get it for free, give it to your niece or nephew so that they can play makeup artist on your white walls. Spend your money on the better products such as the studio brushes (the complexion and powder brush), which are crazy soft; the eyeshadow quads (I really enjoy these for $1), lip stuff, and lash curler.

1 out of 5 happy wallets (the lip side gets the 1)
Price: $15 (waste!)
Location:, other ELF products can be found at Target and I think K-mart. Check out their other stuff, those don't really disappoint.

Click here for pictures of the ELF Mini Makeup kit
The swatches look better than they look on the eye, fyi.


Elvira said...

Love your analogy! Elf seems to be only good for the items you mentioned. Sadly, you get what you pay for sometimes. (and I think $15 was too much for that item) :-P

Recessionista! said...

Ahh! Elvira beat me to it! This is the best analogy ever. And this settles it: I am no longer bummed that I missed out on the deal for a free kit with purchase. Thank you, thank you! PS: Love the hot mess eye description. We have all be there, right?

Recessionista! said...

Just linked this post to my blog :)

T said...

Thanks, ladies. Yeah based on the review this little case of disappointment was supposed to be excellent. Oh well.

Teresa said...

Thanks for this review!! I was so bummed when I missed out on the free one w/purchase (DS broke yet another pair of glasses that week and couldn't justify a beauty splurge). I was going to shell out the $15 until I saw this post. Thanks for saving me the disappointment and cash!!

T said...

Teresa, glad I could save you some hard earned moola. Your Fifteen will be better spend elsewhere. ;-)

Krista said...

Great review about this makeup kit... I just love it!!