Wednesday, April 29, 2009

They may be Wild n' Crazy, but they don't go all the way on the first date

My new accessory has unlatched long enough for me to squeeze some makeup time into my busy schedule of being a human cow. It's crazy to think that a human being is relying on me to survive, when half of the time I am flying my the seat of my pants. Thank God for support and people who have done this before because this has been quite an adventure, and the roller coaster ride isn't letting up any time soon. I will say that F is really a good baby. He only cries when he is hungry, or when his diaper gets super uncomfortable. I will also say that I am utterly in love with him. He is just priceless. I love to kiss his ever expanding cheeks.

Anyway, after almost a month of looking like a Mac truck hit me, I decided to explore my stash again. I have been on a foundation kick again so I have been experimenting with what I have. These past two days, I have been rocking a full face of makeup with nowhere to go but the rocking chair. Either way, it has made me feel nice, pretty, and more like myself. So it really doesn't matter that my car hasn't been driven for a while (except to the pediatrician for wellness appointments two weeks ago).

Today, I picked up several new eyeshadows that I procured during my birthmonth haul. I bought the Wild n' Crazy eyeshadows because a while back I had heard that they were wonderful products at an insanely low price. Unfortunately, this brand is not easily found. As a matter of fact, the only place I have found them is on It is even difficult to find swatches of WnC shadows, and the swatches on Cherryculture are horrid. Therefore, it is kind of a risk to select colors, but at $1.50 to $2.00 a pop, why not?

Anyway, today I tested Sassy Diva, Magic Purple, and Ocean in Mood. Overall, they are okay shadows. The pigmentation is nice for the price, but the blendability and the texture is a little on the cheap feeling side. Usually, I can deal with it, but the blendability got a little bothersome when creating an eye look. They do last a long time, and they don't really fade; I wore UDPP under the shadows.

1) Sassy Diva: This is an interesting color. In the pot the shade looks like a matte peachy beige. However, when applied, the shades becomes alive. Instead of being matte, it has a subtle shimmer, there are still glimmers of peach and beige, but it is also accompanied by hint of pink. The shadow captures and reflects the light very, very subtly. It really isn't a simple shade. However, this is one of the shadows that lacks blendiblity. The texture is a touch gritty when gliding the finger over the pot, and there is a dryness to it. When I apply this shadow I have to pat it on. I can't just glide it on. Also, when applied this shadow has to be layered because it can be splotchy. The color is lovely, but the application requires time and effort to make it look just right.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 (the color is lovely, but the texture leave much to be desired.)

2) Magic Purple: This shade is an eggplantish color with a hint of shimmer (the shimmer is very subtle). The shade can be worn sheer, but it can definitely be built upon and intensified. I find this shade to be very lovely, and I can see myself wearing it frequently. As a matter of fact, I find that it bring out my brown eyes too. The shade is more blendable than Sassy Diva, but not by much. When I swatch it with my finger, I noticed that in the pot the shadow feels a little hard. However, it is still workable. This shade makes a lovely daytime liner a la Kate Walsh in Private Practice (I feel like they use a lot of deep purples on her, and I like it. Just to let you know that I don't watch Private Practice, it followed Pushing Daisies, which I loved, and I would catch the beginning before walking away.) This shade can also be used to enhance other purples.

Rating: 3 out of 5 (easier to handle, but still not top notch. Excellent eggplant color)

3) Ocean in Mood: Straight up matte, deep bluish purple. This is nice to use in outer corner "v" in combination with Magic Purple or as a liner. There really isn't much to the shade. It is just a basic purple. No complexity, no frills. Again, like Magic Purple, this can go on sheer, but it definitely can be deepened. This is just as blendable as Magic Purple, which means that it doesn't leave splotches behind, but it does need to be worked with more than say NYX, Sally Girl, or Revlon Colorstay shadows. These don't feel soft when gliding onto the lid. In fact, they don't really glide.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 (Just a meh purple shade, nothing to it.)

Would I buy these shadows again? Well, not these shades, but at $1.50 I am willing to try the other shades to see if there are any better ones. However, even though I am willing to try more shades, it doesn't mean that I am rushing out to buy them. I just mean that I am open to them, but I don't see myself really going out of my way. When I think of Wild n' Crazy, I kind of just shrug...

Here is a picture of the shades in the pots, along with the other stuff I bought.

from l-r: magic pool, ocean in mood, and sassy diva

sassy diva in inner third corner, magic purple outer corner, ocean in mood crease
also wearing mark. eyeliner in jet, and mark make it big mascara in raven


Recessionista! said...

These look *gorgeous* on you, but I totally agree--the blendability kinda sucks on these. Pretty good for the price but I definitely don't covet.

Anna said...

Love the colors. I do watch Private Practice purely to gaze at the gorgeous Kate Walsh (and her men !)

T said...

Thanks R, glad I am not alone in my opinion.

Anna, I usually don't tend to gravitate towards medical shows, but you are right, Kate Walsh is very pretty. And I love what they do with her makeup.

Recessionista! said...

Hey T, just wanted to let you know that I linked this to my blog :)