Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Discontinued" is a four letter word

I have not tended to my feet is more than 9 months, and it is driving me absolutely crazy. My dry, parched heels are getting caught on everything: socks, carpet, sheets, pants. I really don't like when my dry skin gets caught on fabric; I get a claustrophobic sensation I tell you. Whenever my feet get scratchy, I soak my feet and file the hell out of the dead skin accumulation. However, I haven't had time to do so (maybe this weekend).

I used the pedegg to see if it would alleviate some of the jaggedness, but the pedegg really doesn't work for me for some reason. Everyone raves and proposes to the pedegg, but it really hasn't impressed me. In fact, the pedegg tends to leave my feet more jagged than when I started. Anyway, today I ventured into my nail stash and noticed that I had bought a sloughing cream from Avon a long time ago. I have never used it; I think I bought it because it was on sale for $1.99. Well, I wish I had tried it earlier, and I wish I had bought more tubes of this awesome shortcut to less jagged feet.

Avon Foot Works Sloughing Cream is absolutely impressive. The directions say to rub in the cream, which contains pumice and finely ground walnut shells, into the feet. Keep on rubbing the cream into the feet until cream pills, flakes, and crumbles off the skin.

When the cream is squeezed out, it looks like the St. Ives Apricot exfoliator. When rubbed on the skin, the cream disperses really easily; however, after a few seconds, the cream starts to dry and it creates friction on the skin. Then the dead skin starts to pill along with the cream. The cream is like a foot file without the foot file. This is a spectacular short cut to breakdown the rough heels. You don't have to soak feet, keep them damp, nothing. In fact, this creams works on dry skin and it is better used after a shower. I swear that after five minutes of working this cream into the foot, my foot felt much, much softer. In fact, my feet have not gotten caught on the carpet nor the socks. I was so immediately impressed that I quickly went to the Avon website to see if I could order some backups. Now, let me say that I think this will work best on low to mild cases of rough feet. This probably won't do much for super, duper rough/cracked feet.

...Here comes the sad news, this product seems to be discontinued. What the heck, Avon!! Why do you discontinue things so often?!!BLARG!

Why even bother writing about this product, then? Well, sometimes Avon brings back products in the clearance section, sometimes reps have inventory. Sometimes, it can be found on ebay. Either way, if you have rough feet, and you come across this product, try it!
I will keep my eyes open for this goody!

Pardon the crappy pic, another shortcut. This tube is 3.4 fl oz.


LoveMeMore said...

I bought one of the last tubes too, try the tropical coconut scented sea salt foot srcub ($2.99), thermal expoliating scrub ($6.99), or the pedi-peel pads ($3.99). They are all in campaing 10.

Askmewhats said...

I know what you mean about feeling frustrated on discontinuing products that really work for us!!!

The Mighty J said...

Aghgh I know - discontinued is an evil, evil word!

Elvira said...

I know! I had this stuff and bought it when it went on clearacne. Avon sucks cuz they DC so much stuff!