Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why did a put a limit of 10?

This task that I have given myself has been very difficult. For weeks, I have been trying to think about what 10 things are absolute must haves for me when it comes to beauty and such. I really am not a hoarder when it comes to other things in my life. As a matter of fact, sometimes I give/throw things away only to need them later and regret the impulse purging. However, when it comes to beauty products, I am a true collector and hoarder. My toiletries have crossed over to the guest bathroom, and to the Scholar's cabinets. I have had to put up additional shelving in the bathroom to accommodate all of my face products, concoctions, headbands, and so forth. It is never ending, but I stand proud. I will not be ashamed of my penchant for all things beauty.

Anyway, coming back to the list...these are things that I just crave and buy more of whenever I get a change (meaning when on sale or coupon). In no particular order

1) Aquaphor--the classic. I use it for everything. Dry, swollen eyes due to allergic reactions, dry lips due to constant picking or MAC lippies, dry cuticles due to constant bathroom visits because a fetus is bearing down on my bladder, chapped nose, ashy elbows, rashy bums, etc. I have tried substitutes, but this just has the perfect consistency and it lasts long on surfaces.

2) Face moisturizer, Heavy hand/body creams--I cannot stand feeling dry, parched. Right now, I am in love with Curel (we are in a long-term commitment), and as far as moisturizers are concerned, I absolutely enjoy Avon's moisture 24 for night (which has been replaced, I have yet to try the new one), and mark's for goodness face moisturizer for the day.

3) little portable travel containers--every time I go to Target, Walmart, or Sally's I buy little empty containers so that I can fill them up with my concoctions, or with body creams, or whatever. I have a fascination with containers. I have even been known to keep glass jars after the contents has been eaten. Sometimes I use them, sometimes I don't. Regardless, I love to have them.

4) Chapstick--yes, I have aquaphor, but the one drawback is that I have to use my fingers, and sometimes, my fingers aren't clean. This is where Chapstick steps in. I have tubes all over the house, the cars, my purses, pockets, and so forth. I am also particular, I only like the Chaptstick brand, cherry to be exact. Although, their new lip butter is climbing up my most favorable list.

5) Revlon Colorstay foundation--I always, always go back to this foundation. I don't know what the draw is, but it is like confidence in a bottle for me. I even like the smell of it. I have several bottles of it sitting around. I am constantly mixing shades to match my skin (On my lighter days I use Golden Warm, on my more normal days I use Natural Tan. Sometimes, I mix the shades to adjust). In fact, I just got Studiofix Fluid, which is wonderful, but I still go back to Colorstay. When I go into NYC, I always make sure to stop by the Revlon discount store to stock up on bottles. I also adapt the degree of coverage by adding moisturizer, other foundations, or changing the application tool. Colorstay has not failed me. (Maybelline Dream Liquid is pretty high up too.)

6) Aussie Deeeeep Conditioner--True story, I always buy a bottle or two when I go to the store. Always. I fear being without it. This is THE conditioner for my hair. It smells divine, does not leave a filmy residue, and leaves my hair manageable and soft. They say leave in for 3 minutes, but I use this conditioner as a styling product. Sometimes, I just leave this in, but most of the time, I like to mix with a little gel. Either way, my hair has had a longstanding love affair with this conditioner. Even Queen Fierce uses it regularly. One thing: the original is crappy, Deeeep is way better.

7) scarves--I am constantly doing something to my hair or wardrobe. Scarves are the best accessory. Right now, I am letting my hair grow out, and I am going au natural, so my hair and I are still trying to work together. Scarves are the great negotiator, plus they can work with the FOTD. I get the scarves at Walmart (bandanas for .94), thrift stores, Queen Fierce's closet and so forth. Again, I just love collecting them.

8) lipsticks--I go through color phases. Now I just want kool-aid stained cherry lips, before I was all about red, at one point, I was about berries, sometimes I venture into nudes. Regardless of color, I love having at least three lipsticks on hand at any given time. Queen Fierce hammered this dependency into my head. Queen Fierce: "Put some lipstick on so you don't look dead." "A woman should never been seen without lipstick." "Are you wearing lipstick?" "Never leave the house with dirty, torn underwear and without your lips painted." I started playing with lipstick at 3 or 4 years of age. I remember my sister was refered to as "pico de oro" (gold mouth/lips) at the tender age of 4 as well because she, too, was all about the lipstick. It has become a security thing.

9) makeup bags--I love to compartmentalize my things. I use bags for this. I love makeup bags, but I don't like to pay a lot for them. I get mine at the dollar store, and I use the little plastic covers that bedding comes in (not the huge ones, but the small ones for curtains, pillow cases so forth, more on that later). If my friends are giving them away, I am the first to grab them. I love filling them up with stuff. I love the noise of plastics clinking together. I love dipping my hand into the bag full of products. I get lost.

10) Fragrances--Another Queen Fierce legacy. I have been doused in some type of fragrance since I was a baby (Nenuco cologne). I love my natural musk, but I love it even more when I combine it with something that compliments it. One peculiar thing that is a testament to my personality, I don't necessarily have a signature perfume. I have a signature combination of notes, but I have yet to settle on just one fragrance. I get bored easily, plus, smells connect with moods. Why would I want to smell spicy if I feel gassy? It is probably the spice that caused the gas. ya know?

I would love to know what your 10 favorable items are. Please share!


Bella said...

Goodness!!! You are my lost hermana!!
As for my 10 ultimate faves... I would have to think reallyhard. Maybe you should tag some bloggers on this one!

Fabuless Beauty said...

Chapstick and skin care products are a must have on my list!

Miss Yaya said...

i agree about the perfume totally. i can never settle on just one...

hey there, I noticed you were listed as one of the followers on my blog, and I just wanted to remind you of the upcoming deadline in the contest. If you wanted to register - now is the time. Just go to the main page - and enter your e-mail into the Form at the top of the page. The random choice of the winners will be done via another website, so I wanted to make sure everyone showing me support got a chance to win!

Thanks! Yaya

A Gal On A Budget said...

Lol @ "It is probably the spice that caused the gas." You are a brave soul for being willing to discuss bodily functions on a beauty blog.

T said...

Bella, you should do this on your blog.

Fab, we see eye to eye.

Yaya, I will check it out

Thanks, Gal. I think my filters don't work sometimes ;-)