Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shout out to the best lotion my hide has ever encountered

photo by Anna Cervova

let's treat our hands with tenderness, delicacy, and love.

I hate the feeling of dry, tight skin. I feel like I am wearing a leather suit that is 5 times too small for my body. I feel like I can't close my hands, bend my knees, rotate my ankles. Blah! Oh and the itch factor is unbearable. Every time I wash my hands or get out of the shower, I have to put lotion on. It's my thing. And the liquidy, "light but hydrating" lotion doesn't cut it either. Sometimes, in moments of desperation, I rub chapstick on my freshly washed hands and just rub that all over my hands. Ahh, relief.

I have tried several different lotions, and some disappoint others awaken an obsession. Usually, Shea butter is a must when I get out of the shower and have time. However, when I am in a crunch or too tired to emulsify the butter in between my hands, I go to lotion. Lubriderm (to be honest, the generic version) was at the top of the list for quite some time, but I got bored with it. Also, it was too greasy for my hands. So when I worked with paper, I would sometimes leave marks. However, the hydration felt fantastic.

What to do? Well, I bought little travel tubes of lotion to try them out. Recently, I came across an oldie, but goodie: Curel Continuous Comfort. Why hadn't I tried this marvelous concoction before? Why had I not taken the opportunity to luxuriate in this creamy, moisturizing, but non-greasy, not slow absorption product before? Was it the "steep" price of $7 for 13 oz? Maybe, but this is my skin we are talking about. Surely, I could splurge and pay $7 for a product that would quench the thirst of my arid skin, especially considering that a little goes a long way (this helps justify the price, with Lubriderm and other lotions, I would have to use double the amount to feel quenched).

Well, I am so glad I met this product. I am a loyal Curel lover now. I apologize to my skin for not treating it the way it should be treated (can you imagine how I would react if I used a $150 dollar lotion. I might have five orgasms and die.) I have been using Curel Continuous Comfort, and this is exactly what the lotion does: provide continuous comfort. There are times, when I wash my hands repeatedly, and I don't have to moisturize immediately after because Curel is still hydrating them. There is no greasy residue, the cream is absorbed very quickly yet it does not feel light and liquidly. Also the lotion doesn't leave a filmy sensation. I have applied this all over my growing belly and legs after showers, and I feel that same effects as the super moisturizing unrefined shea butter without the buttery residue. The smell is light and pleasant and it dissipates quickly. I am so in love that I buy backups whenever they go on sale. I have also bought little travel containers and I fill them with the lotion to have everywhere. No more dry patches, no more itchies, no more leathery tightness. This is a fantastic drugstore lotion. I love you Curel, I love you.

Rating: 5 out of 5 happy wallets. It is $7 for 13 oz, but a little goes a long way, plus Target throws it on sale every once and a while. In addition, coupons are available. I don't think I have bought this regular price yet.


Elvira said...

Thank you for this review. I am always collecting hand creams but never really finishing them b/c I don't think I get the results I want. Now I know what to buy next!

LoveMeMore said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Avon's Moisture Therapy Intensive Hand Cream! I have eczema that flares up on the back of my hands, last time it flared I used the Moisture Therapy and I didn't even need to call my dermatologist for a eczema cream refill! This is my new hand cream for life! And the mini is only .99!

They also have a body wash to match!

T said...

E, definitely try this lotion out. Get the smaller one just in case. You know how different we are all. My skin now craves this product.

LoveMeMore, I will definitely try this out. Although, Curel has a new follower, I always love trying new things.

marisol said...

I am going to try this. I hate dry skin. I feel like it's so rough.

T said...

I think Target has the big bottle on sale right now.