Monday, March 30, 2009

My Birthmonth

Well, March is my birthmonth. That's right, I said "birthmonth." I feel self-generous the entire month, and I spread out the birthday spending throughout 31 days. My self-indulgence usually revolves around makeup and hair products, and I usually buy stuff that looks interesting and new. Come to think of it, Queen Fierce does say that it felt like she was in labor for an entire month when having me, sooo I think the concept of birthmonth is justified.

This month has been really nice for my wallet because there were sales left and right, so I was able to enjoy more for my buck. I shopped at elf, cherryculture, sally's, target, etc. I am enjoying what time I have left of having a little disposable income because Felix is coming soon, and I know that I will gravitate towards the diaper aisle instead of the lipstick aisle. Then, ironically, I know that I will go back to the lipstick aisle because he will have done something horrible to my lipstick. But that is a story for the future.

Here is what I bought at Cherryculture (free shipping for all orders!):
NYX lippies in

These lippies are really lovely in texture, pigmentation, and color range. Unfortunately, some of the colors I chose were wayyy too vibrant and pink for me, so I passed them on to my cool-toned friend. I love the price at $2, and next time they have another sale, I will get some more (right now they are having a sale, but I have reached my limit).

I also decided to try out some of the Wild 'n Crazy shadows. I had bought a matte black shade before, and I have been really happy with the pigmentation and staying power. I had also heard great reviews on them, so I decided to explore the other colors. I bought Ocean in Mood, Sassy Diva, Magic Purple, and Rosy Jubilee. Overall, these are really pretty shadows with a nice amount of pigmentation. I have just swatched them, so I will be sure to dedicate a full on review and look with them. The shadows range from $1.50 to $2.00, steal!

To top off the order, I got an Amuse palette. The pigmentation is great, but the shades are very, very shimmery, so I don't know how often I will grab this.
wild 'n crazy shadows: ocean in mood, sassy diva, magic purple, rosy jubilee

ELF haul (free shipping)
I bought all of the $1 brushes. Overall, I have been pleased with the quality of the brushes. There are a couple that are blah, but the majority of the eye brushes are great. I am also loving the big powder brush for a light application blush.
I also purchased the flat top powder brush from the studio line, which is $3. This is a gem. Super soft, super dense, great for foundation application. There is a chemical smell, but I have read that the smell dissipates after several washings. I think I will get another one, when another free shipping sale is offered.
In addition, I bought several lip pencils and lip glosses in ruby kiss, cherry tart, ruby slippers, pink lemonade, and maple sugar. I also bought a kit at Ross for $4.99 (saved a penny). The kit contained the smudge sponge, eyelash curler, dual-ended mascara in regular and waterproof black, black eyeliner, and a quad. The quad shadows are surprisingly nice for $1. Oh, and my Target has decided to bring back Elf, so now I don't have to wait to order it online, yay!
facial whip in toasted, ruby kiss, cherry tart, ruby slippers, pink lemonade, maple sugar

Avon (lippies for $2.99)
I got three ultra rich lippies in Berry, Berry Nice, Sheer Mocha, and Wineberry. They are lovely!Berry, Berry Nice; Sheer Mocha; Wineberry

MAC (no sale, this was a true treat! The scholar bought this)
I received the undupable 217 brush, and boy am I in love with this friggin' brush. I have been trying to find a dupe for it for a very long time, but I have not had luck, so the scholar gave me this. I also bought studiofix fluid foundation in NC40. I am really enjoying the goodies.

A ton of Sally Girl eyeshadows, several nail polishes ($.89 with the sally card), and several hair care products that I will review in due time.

Makeup Forever Mist and Fix spray (travel size to try out), and I got the beauty insider birthday gloss set

Arbonne (I went to a friend's party)
Baby Rash cream
Dual Volume Mascara in black. This was a splurge, but I am glad I splurged because I really, really like the mascara.

Oh, and I have an Ulta giftcard that I have yet to burn through (thanks, Nanni)

Overall, it was a great birthday. I have a baby on the way, I was able to relax, and I was able to take advantage of several sales. Yay!

Now, I shall be on a "you-better-think-long-and-hard-before-buying" buy.

Let me know if you would like any swatches or reviews on the products!


marisol said...

You did splurge! Good for you. I think we are all entitled to do that on our birthday months.

Miss Yaya said...

nice hauls :). I actively celebrate my birthday for a whole week - as in something to do each day but I celebrate the whole month too hehe.

Elvira said...

Happy belated birthday and YEA!!! for hauling. Hey lady. When are you due?

Fabuless Beauty said...

Happy Birth month! =) You deserve to celebrate your birthday everyday!

T said...

Thanks, ladies! This will be my last haul is quite some time.

GlossQueen said...

Wow, great haul, and Happy Birthday!