Thursday, March 12, 2009

Honey, this ain't for your grandma...

The title references a conversation I had with a Body Shop sales associate this week. I just went in to browse (and to burn through some birthday money), and I decided to look at the Moroccan Rose collection they just released. The makeup collection was pretty, but too shimmery. The fragrance collection was very lovely. As I smelled the perfume, I marveled at the surge of rose products I have seen recently throughout different brands. I didn't get the perfume because it reminded me of the mark. Rebel Rose fragrance, which I have and love (finally, a rose that mixes with my body chemistry). Instead, I left with a curl booster hair product, which I will review (awesome!), and some pomade.

Anyway, here is the thing, I used to hate roses--as in the actual flower. When I was younger, I had a battle with a rose bush and that stupid plant won. I left the scuffle with cuts all over my legs. From that day on, I always kept my distance. Oh sure, they looked so lovely, but I was certain that deep down the rose was the devil's flower of choice. In fact, I would tell my dates and the scholar "No Roses, please." However, I do have a confession, I did use white and pink roses for my wedding because they were cheaper and I was on a budget. Plus, the roses and I came to a compromise: I would promote them by walking them down the aisle, and they would agree to be de-thorned. We both won that day.

Because of this aversion to roses, I really did ignore all rose products, both the smell and colors. Then, recently, I decided to fully relent and try mark.'s rebel rose collection. The fragrance is lovely: Rose (of course) with a hint of pepper and other spices. I smell clean, feminine, but seductive at the same time. Of course, always try a sample before buying the bottle, we are all different. I also purchased the Rebel Rose palette, which Pink Train Case features on her blog. This is a wonderful palette. The shades are heavily pigmented, and as you can see in Pink's pictures, and the shade coordination works very well. I will say that I was a little skeptical about how the pinks would work on me, but I have been really surprised. I have worn this palette several times, and I fall in love with it more and more.

I will mention, however, that this palette is not filled with all new shades. "Corset" and "Luvstruck" are part of the regular collection; "Rebel" and Saucy" are the new shades. I don't know if mark. plans on releasing the new colors individually. However, this palette is $9, so if the two colors were released, you would just save $1. If you like the color combo, then I would say it's worth the buy. (I do actually already have "luvstruck" and "corset" and I am fine with having the dupes.) As far as the new colors, "Rebel" is a low, low shimmer white shade, perfect for highlighting. The catalog says matte, but like "whisper" this is not fully matte; it has a sheen to it. "Saucy" is a deep, plummy purple. Very pretty. It does have a touch of shimmer, but nothing overpowering. The shimmer in "Saucy" ranges from pink, purple, and silver-blue.

I did a look just using the palette, of course I also used UDPP. I have to say that many looks can originate with this palette.

5 out of 5 happy wallets--nice price, lovely color combo, excellent pigmentation and staying power.
Price: $9.00

mark. rebel rose palette 3

mark. rebel rose palette 2

mark. rebel rose palette
rebel on lid also highlight
luvstruck in crease and a little above
saucy in outer corner and defines our crease
corset as liner on lash line
maybelline lash discovery in black

BTW, this is my birthday month (actually my birthday is today), so I have been doing some mad budget hauling, with the exception of two splurges. I will present my collective goods soon. I also have several more reviews coming soon.


Askmewhats said...

Happy birthday dear!!!! Wow...I love your eye makeup!!! I really do :)

The Mighty J said...

I hope you have a Smashing B-Day! I am really liking that mark. Rebel Rose on you - it looks so pretty on!

LoveMeMore said...

Happy Birthday!
I have never met anyone else that loves mark. I sell Avon and fell in love with the products! I keep telling my girlfriend but they all wanna waste money on Mac. I do love my Mac lipglass but mark has great products and a way better price!

Bella said...

Hermana, I love the way it looks on you!!!
I agree with LoveMeMore... why peepz keep buying MAC escapes me sometimes!

T said...

Thank you for all of the compliments, ladies.
LoveMeMore, I really do have a soft spot for Avon and mark. I love mark.'s quality, and Avon reminds me of my childhood.

Mac has some good item, but most of the time, I just find dupes. I have to admit that for my birthday, I did splurge and get the studio fix fluid and the 217 brush. I was curious about the foundation, and I have yet to find a dupe for the brush.

Bella, I got the MF pan-cake. I got the shade medium beige because it was the darkest/closest for me. I will let you know how it turns out.

marisol said...

Gorgeous FOTD! Love the colors.

Elvira said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! Those body shop perfumes sound nice. I adore anything rose scented. Now I will have to check it out. Can't wait to see your new haul!

Bella said...

Hey hermana!!! Great post.
I just gave you an award. check it out here:

T said...

Thanks, Elvira! You would be proud of me. I splurged and got a MAC brush and foundation.

Thanks for the honor, Bella

MakeupBliss said...

This look is so soft and pretty!

T said...

thanks, MakeupBliss.