Saturday, February 7, 2009

You had me at "airbrush finish" *updated*

UPDATE 2/8/09: I went to Ulta today and they had testers out for the Liquid Mousse, after some swatches, I do believe that "Natural Beige" (medium 2.5) would be another good option for NC30-40 girls.  "Pure Beige" is too cool.  In fact, I also bought "Natural Beige." Ulta had it for around $7.50.

Maybelline meant "steer clear" to me.  I never had good luck.  I was never satisfied with the mascaras, the eyeshadows were blah, and the foundations were nothing to write home about.  However, recently, I have opened my mind, and I am falling in love with some of Maybelline's products.  Right now, I am all about the Lash Discovery mascara (love the small brush, gives great volume), the coverstick concealer (HG), Define-a-brow pencil (very fine, blendable, does not smudge), and finally Dream Liquid Mousse foundation.  

Today, I will review the Dream Liquid Mousse foundation.  I haven't bought foundation in a really long time.  I used to be a foundation fiend, but then I saw my drawer and vowed to work some of the volume down.  Recently, I have been steadily using Everyday Minerals foundation, but sometimes I get tired of all the buffing during application.  Sometimes I just want to swipe and go, but that is virtually impossible if I want to, at least, partially cover any imperfections.  Anyway, sometimes I just feel like walking along the cosmetic aisles of drugstore just to see what is going on in the mass market world.  On one lovely day, I saw a display for Maybelline's new foundation.  I was instantly intrigued.  I had heard good things about the mousse formula as far as color selection, but the formulation had received mixed reviews.  I never was convinced enough to buy the mousse version; however, Rite Aid had a BOGOF sale so I went ahead and splurged (I got an eyeliner too).

The last time I purchased a Maybelline foundation, I was "Sandy Beige," which worked pretty well with my skin tone.  Maybelline has the shade system where the foundation colors are the same throughout the different foundation lines.  Sometimes that holds true.  "Sandy Beige" is one of the hues that is not in every foundation line; however, I lucked out with the Dream Liquid Mousse.  
The foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump, which is fantastic and sanitary.  Another plus is that the pump locks closed with a swift twist.  The packaging is everything Revlon colorstay lovers want but have yet to get.  The pump is easily manipulated.  You can press lightly and get a small amount, or add more pressure to get more.

The foundation itself feels light; it is highly pigmented but not heavy.  This foundation does not run when pumped unto the back of the hand; it just waits for you to do what you want with it.  The ability to spread this foundation is great.  Even though it has a matte finish, it really does well in blending and distributing throughout the face.  The coverage is high medium.  This does well with covering older scars, but you do need some concealer with darker/redder/fresher acne scars.  As far as buildability, it is possible but it isn't as buildable as Revlon Colorstay foundation.  Once applied to the entire face, my canvas looks more even and less imperfect.  Also, it doesn't look as cakey as Revlon Colorstay can look after application.  With some melding time, this Dream Liquid looks somewhat natural (simply because it still has a matte factor to it).  Overall, I have been very pleased with the finish and application.  I don't have to fight to spread, and it cuts down on coverage effort time. Oh, and a little goes a very long way.

As mentioned above, I chose "Sandy Beige," which is medium 1.  Medium 1 is not found in every line; it can be found is the Minerals liquid line, Dream Matte Mousse, and the Liquid Mousse.  It looks like the Liquid mousse line shade selection is pretty comprehensive.  

As far as my shade selection, I think I chose the better option with "Sandy Beige."  The next shade is "Pure Beige," and that one is too cool for me, then the rest are just too dark.  "Sandy Beige" is a touch lighter than I am, however, I easily resolve that with a light dusting of my everyday minerals foundation in a mixture of buttered tan and golden beige (several formulas).  And when I say light, I mean light, so the "Sandy Beige" shade does not need a lot of adjustment.  Plus, the mineral foundation finishes of any little additional coverage I need that Dream Liquid does not accomplish.  This foundation does not have an SPF, which I like because I hate ghost face.  I have photographed and videotaped myself while wear this foundation to check the shade, and there is no line of demarcation or ghost face.  I am really, really satisfied with it.  Oh, and the color in the bottle is pretty close to the color dispensed.  The bottle color is just a touch darker since there is more of it.

I wear this foundation with Coastalscents Diva Defense primer, light dusting of EDM foundation, and EDM tinted silk dust to top off.  I don't get break through for 5-6 hours, which is fantastic.  I blot or dust on some powder and then the foundation is set for another several hours.  I, also, don't get pools of foundation around my face.  This works really well for combo/oily (not super oily though) skin.  Since it is a matte foundation, I would hesitate to recommend it to dry skinned ladies.  This foundation will cling to any dry patches.

Overall, this is a score for me.  If you choose to encounter this foundation just make sure that your store has a good return policy.  All of our faces are different.  I have been wearing this foundation for several weeks, and I have not had any breakouts, it has been in heavy rotation, and each day I like it even more.  

5 out of 5 happy wallets (the shade is a little lighter, but it doesn't take any effort to adjust)
Price: $8-10 (as always conquer when on sale), 1 fl. oz.

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse
looks lighter than actually is, but this is the best pic I could get.

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse spread
again, a little goes a long way

Dream liquid foundation on face
I think it looks pretty good.


Askmewhats said...

wow! the coverage is definitely nice and your skin looks flawless !:) Thanks for the review!

marisol said...


T said...

Thanks ladies, and I would like to say that my face isn't flawless. So I was pretty impressed.

Tanya Annette said...

Your skin looks fab!!! I'll definitely have to try this one out soon.

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

Wow maybe I should try this next. L'oreal was a dud for me...

T said...

Yeah, L'oreal foundations have been duds for me too.

Anonymous said...

Hey T:

Queen Fierce here, you look "mahvelous!" Flawless complexion, but what else can I say? After all you are flawless to me. Indeed is BEAUTIFUL. Keep on having fun.
Luvya from here to Venus and back.
Queen Fierce