Saturday, February 28, 2009

What's in the purse?

I have a fascination with the contents of people's purses. Every time I am around a friend I ask what she has in her purse. I think the contents sheds so much light on who the person is, and what she values. The other day, I was able to travel around with the Scholar. At the beginning of the week I was sporting around a small purse, which is quite uncharacteristic for me. I prefer to put everything I absolutely can into a huge bag. So after coming back from the first mini-trip, I went back to my standby huge bag. In the process, I also decided to reorganize my makeup bag that is in my purse. Reorganizing all of this was very soothing and relaxing, and I put a lot of thought into what makeup I should carry around with me.
Sometimes, I just leave the house without wearing makeup, and then I look in the rearview mirror and really regret doing it. Therefore, I figured that it was a great opportunity for me to go ahead and create a makeup bag that would provide a complete look without being overcomplicated. As I was sorting through what should go in the makeup bag, I did a trial of what the end product face would look like. Then I added on some other colors just to add options. Now, when I travel, I don't have to carry much because I can always go to the purse makeup bag. This is a true security blanket.

Soo, what is in my bag?
1) a hat for rainy or poopy days
2) glasses
3) wallet
4) planner (dollar store)
5) notepad for ideas/to do lists
6) makeup bag (mark.)
7) Curel hand lotion (review coming soon. I friggin love this moisturizer!)
8) pens, calculator to keep on budget
9) shea butter in EDM container, mark. matte-nificent compact in natural/buff
Lorac lipcolor in "Julia," chapstick 100% lip butter, Maybelline lippie in "Go Currant," Avon lip glaze in "mirage," whatever lipstick of the day. (these lippies are for quick fixes, that is why they are not in the makeup bag.)
10) cell phone, umbrella

Makeup bag
1) EDM blotting papers (I am just using them up, they aren't very good, really)
2) mark. mini brushes: powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and a random lip brush
3) mark. mini kabuki
4) Sonia Kashuk lash comb and brow brush
5) mark. invisible touch concealer in "medium" (old packaging)
6) glide dental floss
7) regular chapstick
8) five two-sided mark. hookups that include mascara, lip brush, two glosses, one lippie, one lip jumbo stick, one eye jumbo stick, i-sheer shadow, tinted lip balm (These save a ton a room and offer many options. I especially like the mascara, glosses, i-sheer, and the jumbo lip stick.)
9) lip pencils varying in neutrals and reds and black and brown eyeliners (NYX, clinique, prestige, Ulta, sephora)
10) mark. powder foundation in "natural"
11) lippies: mark. in "dew" (old packaging), Good Skin (kohls) in "modern red," mark. in "toffee caramel," mark. in "berry sexy flirt" (discontinued)
12) Cover Girl blush in "golden pink" and sally girl bronzer in "sin-namon" (very pretty, a hint of shimmer)
13) UDPP in a EDM mini-foundation pot (I cut the UDPP container once nothing came out. There was a crazy amount left.)
14) Sally Girl eyeshadows: Olive (lovely shimmery goldish-green), Black-Brown (dark, matte brown), Chocolate (yup, chocolate brown, matte), and Champagne (shimmery, pale gold). These shadows are like candy: cheap and good. I love them. They have great pigmentation and lasting power, plus they are only 99 cents, 89 cents if you have the discount card.
15) Finally, Sephora mirror compact.

Goodness gracious! I really have no excuse for not looking "put-together." I have everything I need on hand to create a full face. Even better, when I went through the trial run, it took about 10 minutes to have a pretty, complete look. I just love making makeup nearby, and when I am bored, I just take out the bag and look at the color and think about the possibilities. This promise of creativity makes me feel great!

So, I am curious, what does everyone else have in their purse? Please share, I love to see what everyone else has. Plus, it creates a ton of lemmings. Why not make it a post on your blog, or you can comment on here.

BTW, what is up with Jon and Kate from Jon and Kate plus 8? They seem so...TV now, especially Kate. It is not as much fun to watch anymore.

More reviews to come!

my bag (by mark., of course)

inside the bag, it is really roomy and easy to find stuff

inside the makeup bag, so much stuff!

I love makeup, ahhh...


Askmewhats said...

thanks for sharing, wow, you got a lot of cool stuffs :D

Miss Yaya said...

thanks for following :)

I try to limit what I have in my bag as my extensive hoarding in huge bags rips the bags quicker, and has put a strain on my shoulder to the point of injuring the tendons. Though I say I try - you'll notice I still carry too much to say it's "limited."

My bag:
2.wallet coin purse (has all my gift cards and coupons in it so it doesn't overstretch my wallet)
6.always a magazine for reading tissues Gap lotion lens cleaner
10. contact lens holder
11&12.too faced mirror mirror gloss (2x) mascara (splurge but lasts)
14.shiseido cream eyeshadow (1 shade) forever concealer
16.nail file juicy couture roll on perfume ($16 and lasts forever) mirror (dollar store)
19.clear makeup bag (mightve swapped with a friend) id tag (on a keychain with work keys)
22.Handigrip from the container store (plastic grip that you put on heavy bags so that your hands dont get ripped to pieces and you have a good grip - 1.49)
23.snack (cheez its/pretzels/hard candy)
24.water bottle

and that's it for a usual day... unless i have to bring something somewhere (i.e. returns/lunch/etc.)

Tanya Annette said...

I love that bag!!!! I have a lot of bags from Mark- my favorite one finally kicked the bucket last summer (one of the straps just fell off- haven't decided if I want to spend the $$$ to have it fixed) :(

I won't list what I have in my bag here, but I will make a post about it :)

T said...

Nikki, I bet you have a ton of awesome stuff in yours too!

Miss Yaya, thanks for sharing. You have really useful things in your bag. YOu never get bored. I wish they still sold smaller versions of books for easy carrying. Then I would be really, really set. I should check out the handgrip. I live in an apartment, so transporting many bags can be a pain.

Tanya, I absolutely love this bag. I order the saddle color too, and I am contemplating getting another maroon bag as a backup. This bag is so comfortable and they zipper opens fully and completely. It is by far my favorite bag. I also like the outstide zipper pockets for easy access.
I can't wait to read your post!