Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh, so you want drama?

This weekend I went to Ulta.  Since I don't have any makeup girlfriends in the area, I subjected my husband to boredom.  He does well.  He walks around, looks at the cologne and doesn't rush me.  After 10 minutes of walking around, he goes to neighboring stores or finds a corner to play with his iphone (one of the few times I appreciate the distraction).  If he is walking and observing with me, I include him in the decision-making action if I can't make up my mind.  Right now, Ulta has BOGOF on HiP products.  I already knew that I wanted to pick up a cream/gel eyeliner since I haven't had one for quite some time.  However, I didn't know what other product to pick out.  Enter Mr. T...I asked him to pick one of the eyeshadow duos for me.  After some contemplation, he picked up the Metallic shadow duo in "platinum."  Fun choice.  I usually don't go for metallics, and I definitely don't go for silvers.  
Since I got the duo, I was wondering what look I could do with it, since it is out of my comfort zone.  Well, I found inspiration in Jennifer Hudson's look this year at the Grammy's.  She was rocking the silver, smokyish look, and I was all about it. has great closeup pictures of her eye.

In addition to trying the duo out, I practiced applying lashes and tried out the "natural beige" shade from the Maybelline Dream Liquid mousse line.  I am extremely pleased with the end result (as far as rocking the silver and the foundation. The lashes need more practice).  
Here are pictures.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Oh, and to Mr. T...thanks for playing along.  Now I can do the dishes while sporting the sultry eyes.

L'oreal HiP metallic duo platinum
The silver side is crazy metallic.  Apply this before foundation though because you will get fallout.  The black is nicely pigmented too.

HiP metallic duo in "platinum"
in natural light

HiP "Platinum" corner
with flash

L'oreal HiP "platinum" eye full face
The breakdown listed in the flicker photostream. Just click on pic.
The foundation looks great! This shade is natural beige.
The lashes are Ardell Fashion 117, they are lovely and light on the eye.
I got them at Sally's; they are $2.99.

maybelline liquid mousse in natural beige
Just so you see the coverage on my bad side.  
This is the side with the most scars.


Bella said...

Hermana - you look FANTASTIC. Silver eyeshadow is quite a feat to put on and not look like a mala-mujer fallen from Grace. You pulled the look beautifully.
Luvz it!!!!!!

p.s. Maybe your husband and rojo are related. He does exactly the same thing! Hey, come to Seattle and we'll shop together!

Askmewhats said...

oh wow! it does look awesome!! thanks for the FOTD !!!!!!1

latina8184 said...

very pretty! i was thinking of trying that duo. i only have two in the browns/orange colors.

T said...

LOL thank you, Bella. How much fun would that be to go shopping. When we plan a trip to Seattle, you and I should definitely do some damage!

Thank you, Nikki! I am flattered because I love your FOTDs.

Latina8184, I have heard that the HiP duos are hit or miss, but this metallic duo is really nice. Just pat on instead of swiping because the silver side can cause fallout. I am going to buy one or two more duos to try them out.

Claire said...

Hi! I found your site by following a link from Pink Sith. LOVE the silver shadow - I saw that Jennifer Hudson pic too and thought she was rockin' the look. You look fierce! I love it.

T said...

Thank you, Claire!

MissTat said...

this is an awesome look! very very beautiful. I love the contrast between the shiny silver and very dark lashes

T said...

Thank you Miss Tat. This really is a nice duo.