Friday, January 16, 2009

I chewed on some seeds and slapped them on my face

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At least that is what it feels like to use mark.'s new face scrub Berry Grand Exfoliating Beads.  The name is misleading.  The scrub is not composed of beads, it is composed of seeds: cranberry seeds, pomegranate seeds, apricot seed powder.  This is not a fine grade exfoliant, this is more medium, so if you have sensitive skin, stay away.  The concept behind using the scrub is great, but the execution is lackluster.  You can buy these seeds...I mean BEADS... and mix them with your favorite cleanser.  You can also manipulate the amount of scrub you would like.  Great idea, mark.  I like it.  However, the seeds don't dissolve, the jar is messy, and I can't use this in the shower, which is usually where I like to exfoliate my face.  Actually the entire exfoliating experience with these "beads" is messy.  When I am done scrubbing my face, the sink is full of wet seeds that don't seam to want to meet their end down the drain.  I don't even want to imagine getting one of these seeds in my eye.  Oh, and the jar is .8 oz; it "hooks up" to the mark. skincare cleanser bottle.  This means that you can set the scrub jar on top of the cleanser bottle, and they fit seamlessly together.  The only thing is that the jar gives the bottle added height, which makes the bottle look awkward.  However, in limited space, the gimmick works excellently because they won't topple when stacked.  The jar has a deep opening in the bottom of the jar, which accommodates the top of the cleanser bottle.  The opening of the scrub jar looks like the top of a Morton's salt container, except the scrub's opening is flimsy and makes the pouring of the contents difficult to control.  

Anyway, to tell the truth, not even the effects of the scrub justify the awkwardness of this invention.  My face feels softer, but the St. Ives apricot scrub does the same thing, for less money, and I can exfoliate in the shower.  So, this is a no buy again.  

Rating: 1 out of 5 happy wallets
Price:  $9.00 (my wallet really did not like the price of this, mostly because of the hassle)
I didn't take personal picture because I accidentally got water in the jar and now the stuff won't come out I have to work with the jar to find another way to open it.


JennBee said...

Love the honest reviews! And a great blog, too :) Thanks for the link; I'll return it!

Elvira said...

this sounds awful! Thanks for the revie. I will avoid. Maybe you can use it for a nice organic bread!

T said...

Elvira: LOL, I am going to mix it in with my yogurt, next time. What a mess.

JenBee: thanks for the compliment.

T said...
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latina8184 said...

haha i actually seel mark products, and i got this when it came out to try it, its not a bad scrub once you get it mixed in with the cleanser, but the packaging does suck and u waste alot of product getting it out.