Thursday, January 15, 2009

I am so loving...

I don't watch The Hills, Gossip Girl, or any of the other show that have awesome makeup looks, which involve massive amounts of black eyeliner.  To tell the truth, it's a good thing I am not because right now I am obsessed with black eyeliner, and if I were watching those shows I would look like Marilyn Manson, which isn't my goal.  I usually don't wear black eyeliner, unless it is a special occasion, and I rarely rim my entire eye.  However, one day I decided to sport the rimmed eye, and now I am kind of addicted.  Rimming the eye has officially become a perfunctory move in makeup routine.  I think I usually didn't rim the eye because of the raccoon factor; however, thanks to makeup research and development, waterproof eyeliner are more readily accessible.

I have tried several drugstore waterproof pencil eyeliners.  Some are poopoo, and some are nice.  I also have the UD 24/7 liners, but I have not opened the package.  (I have this thing that if I buy expensive makeup I really, really, really take my time in using them.  I have had MAC palettes that I buy and I wait months to open it.  I don't know what it is.  I just don't know.  I will visit the subject with my makeup therapist.)

So far, I am loving Prestige Waterproof Automatic Eyeliner in Flanel Grey (I know, not black, but they did not of the black so I got the closest thing).  Although this is a grey shade, the liner looks like a muted black rather than a true grey.  The pencil glides on the lid, is blendable, and stays true to color.  There is no hardness or waxiness to the pencil.   The pencil is great for tightlining because the upper lash line is a little sensitive, and this pencil does not irritate the area.  The liner doesn't smudge unintentionally, and it doesn't leave the raccoon effect eye.  As far as lifespan on the waterline, well, it isn't bad.  On the waterine it last about 4 or 5 hours.  I know there are better options, but overall I am really, really pleased with this liner.  I will continue to try others just because, why not?

Note: I also tried the Avon waterproof glimmersticks liner in blackest night, and that one was not so good.  It was hard, waxy, and not blendable.  Also, it irritated my eyes because it was too hard.  It did stay longer on the waterline, but it was uncomfortable to put it on.  Don't buy it.

I am also loving Maybelline Coverstick Concealer in Deep Beige for under the eye.  This concealer is a cheap fix that works.  I have had this for a while.  I had ignored it for a while, but it is back in heavy rotation.  A little goes a very long way with this concealer.  I swipe about half an inch of it on my index finger and warm it up with the opposing finger, then I smooth/pat onto my undereye.  This concealer immediately brightens up my eyes.  There is no creasing and no migrating.  I love this concealer.  Right now, I am using Everyday Mineral foundation, and I used this concealer as a primer for my undereyes.  Most excellent.  I feel so practical using it, since it's "no frills."  (I love feeling practical.)

What else am I thoroughly enjoying?  Maybelline Stiletto mascara.  Vavavoom!  This is a very nice mascara that adds plushness to my lashes.  This adds nice drama without being overwhelming, and I love the square packaging.  This is the total opposite of Maybelline Define-a-lash (I found Define-a-lash very "meh."  I didn't like the flexible brush, the formula was a little to0 wet for my taste, and it didn't do much for length or volume).  I am also gravitating towards Avon SuperFull mascara.  SuperFull is a nice everyday volumizing mascara. The brush is of the new spiky kind, and the formula is a little on the dry side, which is what I like.  This mascara does not create clumps, and if one develops, it is very easy to remove.  No smudges, no nonsense.  I would not buy this at regular price, though ($8.50).

Oh, and I am so in love with Avon Glazewear Liquid Lip color.  I had tried the Glazewears that are in lipstick form, but I didn't like those.  These liquid lip colors (in a gloss tube) are beautifully different.  I love the moisturizing texture, the ability to manipulate the coverage, the lasting effects, and the smoothness of my lips when I apply them.  I bought one is Raisin Glaze and I love it.  It's my new everyday color.  I am so getting more!!

Non-makeup related, I am also enjoying the Sookie Stackhouse southern vampire novels (the books that inspired True Blood), painting, and regular trips to discount stores.  I am also beginning to get the house ready for the baby.  We have the crib up, but we still have to paint lines on the wall.  (I will tape the lines and the Scholar will paint them).  I can't wait to get that room done.  The baby's kicks are getting stronger each day.  Sometimes he knocks the wind out of me.  Oh, and he kicks a lot when he hears Allison Kraus.  I don't know if that means that he likes it or not.  hmm..

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