Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Quick! Call the fuzz! There's a bandit on the loose...and it's me

Yesterday, I went around the mall and shopping centers to find fun, little stocking stuffers for Christmas.  Not much really piqued my interest until I went to TJ Maxx.  I was there for about 45 minutes, I looked at the purses, shoes, socks, jewelry, men's stuff, baby clothes (why is there more girl stuff than boy stuff?), and finally I landed myself in the beauty section.  I love that Marshall's and TJ Maxx have expanded their beauty section.  Not only can you find spa products, but now you can find hair tools and products and makeup.  I had noticed that they had some Lancome shadows, lippies, and concealers, but most of them had been violated by ruffian customers who have no regard for makeup lovers who come in after them.  I was about to quit my search because I found what I needed for other people, but then I saw this peculiar lady with burly hair, and she was looking intently at a shelf full of extravagantly decorated boxes.  So I milled around while she finished looking (I kept my distance so as not to rush her, no worries.).  I am so glad I did because I found some awesome buys!  Now, as many of you know, I do not necessarily like to splurge on makeup, and I like finding bargains whenever I can.  It is only when I know that I can't find a substitute that I will pay more.  However, my reluctance to pay a lot does not mean I don't appreciate the nicer things.  
Anyway, back to the story.  After seeing what the woman was looking at, I fully understood why she was so intently inspecting the boxes.  As it turns out, TJ Maxx got shipments of Lancome brush cases with five brushes and six-shadow palettes.  Both were priced at $14.99.  My heart fluttered.  I really have not been buying makeup, so this was a nice reward for practicing temperance. 
 I quickly grabbed both items and inspected them fully.  They were in mint condition, and I put them in my basket.  The brush set comes with a highlighting brush (skunk brush), liner brush, crease brush, regular shadow brush, and fluffy crease brush (usually for blending or light crease work).  The case is tri-fold and seems to be magnetized.  The brushes' handles are on the shorter side, but they are still comfortable to use, and the bristles are soft.  This is an excellent travel case, and a great stocking stuffer.  
The palette is lovely.  It is called Topaz kisses.  I love the packaging, and usually I do not fall for packaging.  The case is red, shiny, and it has a criss-cross feminine design.  There is a full mirror inside and the six shadows.  The shades range for pearly white to dark, midnight blue.  There are some shimmery shades and some matte shades.  This palette works great for night and day, no doubt.  I have just swatched them, so I can't give you a full update on quality, but they swatched really well.  The color in pigmented and intense (one layer of application is soft, and the colors can be built upon), and the texture is soft.  Again, this is another wonderful stocking stuffer.  I think that I am really going to enjoy the brush case, absolutely.  

Here are pictures:

lancome purchases

brush case closed

lancome brush set, brushes exponsed

Lancome eye palette in Topaz Kisses

Lancome Topaz kisses palette

swatches Topaz kisses


Elvira said...

Holy sh*t! That's an AWESOME find!! Lancome brushes are surprisingly good. I actually have 2 that are almost 18 years old and they are in perfect condition. Yea for cheap makeup finds!!

And FWIW I agree about stores having more girls clothes than boys. It's so not fair! It also applies to shoes. boys have a sucky selection and girls have the world.

T said...

nice to know about the brushes. I was super excited when I found it.

I never realized the discrepancy between the clothing selection until now.