Friday, December 12, 2008

...And for fun

Here are some eye looks. They looked from the last days.

mark ffi south beach eye
I used 
-UDPP as a primer

-NYX Jumbo eye stick in yogurt on inner half of eye and pacific on outer half  (Before, I didn't like them because they were too creamy, but after watching MakeupbyTiffanyD (link on sidebar), I decided to try it again.  Instead of just dragging the stick on the lid, I just dabbed and spread the color with a wide concealer brush.  Much better, and no creasing!)

-mark. Flip For It palette in south beach, which can be seen here.

- Maybelline Define-a-Lash (meh)

-Prestige brow pencil in Taupe

-Ulta brow gel in Light Brown

mark FFI palette in London
This look is from the mark. Flip for It palette in London (I love this palette, the taupe is lovely)
Also in this picture, I used 
-mark. matte chance primer
-mark. face xpert foundation in medium
-nyx jumbo eye stick in yogurt and purple
-moustache from flickr


marisol said...

Great blending skillz!

Love the 'stache!

T said...

thanks, Marisol. I continue to practice. I am glued to the youtube mavens ;-)