Friday, October 10, 2008

Hmm..I love this smell

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Every fall I thank God I am alive to witness it. I absolutely love seeing the changing colors, feeling the warmth that only a cool fall evening can bring, and I love the anticipation of Halloween. And even though I hate candy corn (I overdosed on it a while back, and ever since then I can't bear to smell it), I love the idea of having it around. I just absolutely love fall. I come alive after experiencing the swampy drain of the summer heat.

It's amazing, the minute the first orange leaf drops to the bare ground, I immediately get an urge to change my hair color, do my nails, buy bold lipsticks--of which I already have too many in my makeup drawer--and sport lush lashes. The cold air makes me want to look sophisticated and well put together 24/7.

I always gravitate towards plums during this season. I love plummy lips and a hint of purple around the eye. I also really appreciate the smudgy plum eye look. Hmm, makes me want to eat my face.

So, excuse me while I go paint my nails a deep burgundy and whip out the plum lipstick. One thing though, I have to find a nice chocolate brown hair dye. That shouldn't be so hard, right?

BTW, anyone notice that all of the Allure covers look the same. The women always have deeply contoured noses, smokey eyes, light lips, and straight, side swept bangs. Ms. Linda Wells needs to step back and be reminded of the variety in this nation, actually, in this world.

Tip of the of day: It's allergy and cold season. More people are coughing and sneezing into their hands. We all do this, unless we wear face shields there is not much to be done. However, always remember to not shake hands immediately after spraying your hands. Just acknowledge the awkwardness and say, "Whoops, I just dispensed a mist of germs in my hand, and I'd rather not give your hand a taste of it. Let's just rub elbows. Yeah, much better." Unless of course, you don't like the person. If so, taint away, my friends, taint away.

Muah! Inexpensive, but still quality, kisses to all.

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