Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hi Blog, how are you?

I haven't been around you, blog, in a while.  This teaching gig's got me really busy, and when I am not prepping or grading, I am catching a break.  I really do miss you, my dear sweet blog.  I have even been wearing makeup again.  For instance, the other day, I did a cat eye using Revlon Colorstay pencil eyeliner.  I usually use liquid eyeliner because pencil eyeliner smudges and makes me look like a two-year-old applied my makeup.  

I was motivated to try the pencil liner because of lack of tools.  I just wanted to line and go.  Well, my ever patient blog, I am glad I did not have my favorite brush for liquid liner.  The Colorstay pencil liner glided on, made a perfect line, was easy to manipulate, and lasted all day.  The liner even lasted through a nap without fading or smudging.  I was in awe, absolute awe.  I think this will be my signature look for the fall: pencil-drawn cateye.  Nice!

Anyway, how is everyone?  Any fun new purchases?  I haven't been checking up on the awesome blogs on my blog roll.  I need to catch up.  I swear, I yearn for December when class is over, and I can actually go back to swimming in my makeup storage.

Oh by the way, awesome discovery today!  I met one of the managers who works at the Sephora distribution center in my area.  He is in charge of the the online department of Sephora.  You ladies are definitely keeping him busy, and he totally know about



Elvira said...

Hi!!! Welcome back! I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your job...even if it does keep you from your blog readers and ::gasp:: makeup! So the Sephora guy knows about makeupalley huh? Who broke the 1st rule? (did ya score any samples from him? lol)

T said...

LOL, no samples from him, and I broke the first rule. Shame on me. I just asked if he had heard of MUA, and he said "Oh yeah!" His eyes opened up as he was saying it. He has worked there for eight years and he seems to enjoy it. He wears sephora sweatshirts all the time. Too cool.

Can you imagine? He can swim in all of the products. My heart palpitates just thinking about it.

marisol said...

Welcome back! I miss your posts and product reviews.

T said...

thanks, Marisol! I miss being in the blog world too. This is such a release from the every day stress.

Have a wonderful weekend!