Sunday, August 17, 2008

Holy crap! that was a heavy rock

Tip #1: Don't google "wet and wild," without including the word "cosmetics." I thought I was going to immediately get fired when I typed in that search entry while at work. When the search results turned up, I could hear the distant, menacing sounds of sirens in the background. I think I heard the commanding footsteps of the What-are-you-doing-searching-for-obscenity-at-work-and-we don't-want-to-hear-an-explanation police. I quickly imagined them grabbing me by my arms and throwing me out of the 8th floor window, except the windows are sealed, and so they would have to walk me down the cold, white, sterile stairs, while yelling "Porn Searcher Walking." I could already hear the gossip hissing out of everybody's mouths. "She searched for 'wet and wild,' no wonder her door was always closed." (My door was always closed because a neighboring office occupant loved speaker phone with the door open.)

How would I buy makeup? Whose ideas was it to call it "Wet n' Wild"? Why do I love makeup so much? Why can't I just focus on work like normal people? Why do I always gravitate towards cosmetic websites that could double for questionable websites in a work setting? Why does my natural dark hair color look so unflattering on me? Why are the villains in telenovelas so evil?

Well as it turns out, no one even noticed that I had inadvertently searched for sexually charged sites. As soon as I realized what the always accurate Google had turned up, I immediately hit the "back" button and added the word "cosmetics" in my search entry. Thankfully, Wet n' Wild cosmetics popped up, and I made a wishlist of goodies.

This blunder happened several years ago, I have finally come around to buying the tinted moisturizer, which is friggin' awesome. Of recently, I have been taking the minimalist approach. I really have been lazy to put on makeup. I don't know why, but I just don't want to deal with it. So several weeks ago, on a whim, I went to Rite Aid and I bought the tinted moisturizer. I had heard raves about it; according to the raves, the moisturizer was like a light foundation that offered mid-medium coverage, it lasted long, and held up to oily skin. I have to say that it's true. This is a wonderful product. Usually the other tinted moisturizers that I have tried are too sheer, and I wonder what's the point.

With WnW, a little goes a long way. I use ball-ended sized pinpoints (you know, the ball-tipped needles that seamstresses always have coming out of their mouths) on my fingers and just spread the TM on my face. I apply a little more if necessary. The moisturizer is very spreadable, nicely creamy without feeling heavy, and moisturizing. My face is left with a light dew, which I subdue with a touch of Everyday Minerals silk dust. When I am done applying, all I have to do is lightly wash my hands, unlike when I wear heavier foundations. It really is a quick and easy application. In fact, the TM is so quick and nice I have been wearing it ever since I bought it. I have not had any breakouts, and I feel finished when I leave the house.

Dude, and it is only $2.99. I know, crazy!!! The quality and price makes me want to be obscene!

Out of habit, I still wear a moisturizer under the TM. It is redundant, but I always forget to skip the initial moisturizer. I imagine I would have less dewiness if I would remember to skip the moisturizer.

One con, WnW seems to not know that there are more than four skin colors in this world. Hellooo, wake up people. Share the wealth with all the skin colors.

4 out of 5 happy wallets (the lack of shade choices is poopoo, serial!) I bought "Tan" for my NC 35-40 skin
price: $2.99, can't beat that!

Tip #2: When you are climbing out from under a rock, make sure you wear comfortable shoes, gloves, and a hat. If you have a portable music device, have that handy too--it will make the time go by quicker.



Elvira said...

LOL. Welcome back. Glad to see the Rock ain't keeping you down! BTW. I did a google search for some nail polish wholesaler and had the same problem. and god forbid you don't out .gov when typing in the address for The White House! Glad to hear they didn't cart you away!

T said...

LOL, perchance was the NP wholesaler I had the same problem with that website.